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A Port in the Storm
Elizabeth Delisi

Brian Nolan gave up his corporate job and moved home to Southingly, VT. He enjoys his job: plowing in winter and landscaping in summer. It doesn’t pay much, but he has no interest in high-pressure work that comes with an ulcer and a broken relationship. Lately, He feels something lacking in his life, an unfulfilled need. Little does he know he’ll find his reason for living stranded in a snowstorm.

The Alpha Match
Untamed Safari Series, #1
Leigh Archer

Conservationists, Caro Hannah and Ben Duval, must work together to introduce endangered African wild dogs to a reserve four years after their love affair ended badly. But the challenges of their work pale beside the personal obstacles they must overcome to bring closure to the traumatic events of four years before, or reignite a passion hot enough to set the African bush on fire.

A Piece of My Heart
Irish Pride Series, #2
Kemberlee Shortland

Ten years after their break-up, the addendum in Mick's father's will forces Mick and Kate together to save Mick's heritage. Kate thought she was falling in love with Mick all over again, but a new revelation is too much for her. She is determined to finally say goodbye forever to her childhood sweetheart. Mick has other plans for Kate's future. And none of them involve goodbye.

A Portrait of My Love
Lake Garda Series, #1
Jennifer Young

Terrified of commitment, Skye Ashton goes to Italy with her best friend, Leona Castellano. When boyfriend Zack turns up, Skye realises how much she cares for him. But she has a fight on her hands, because Leona has taken a fancy to him. When Leona uncovers the true story behind an old family feud, she puts herself in danger. Will Zack's intervention to save Leona's life lead to him losing Skye?

A Russian Gift of Love
TK Geering

Vicky is a successfully published author, but this is just a cover for her real job as Detective Chief Inspector dealing with espionage/anti-terrorism. Nick, a Russian sleeper agent posing as a firefighter, moves in next door. His contract: to fulfill the hit on Vicky. After an ankle injury, he ends up spending Christmas with the doting Vicky. It's not long before friendship turns to love.

Beauty and the Recluse
Ellie Gray

Kiya takes a housekeeping job on the spur of the moment and finds herself living in a beautiful but neglected mansion, working for a strange, reclusive man. St. John is scarred by the past, and is determined to live out his life alone. They are two very different people, drawn to each other almost against their will, but can Kiya convince St. John that he is not the monster he believes he is?

The Big Spin
The World of Constance & Collier, #2
Kit Marlowe

When her fiancé Mr. Wood lets her down by flirting with another woman, Constance Wynne Hare tears off to Monte Carlo to forget him in the world of high rollers in the flashiest casinos on the Riviera. Will the ever-reliable lady’s maid Collier be able to rescue her from a dissolute life on the Mediterranean? The Jazz Age adventures of Constance & Collier return!

The Big Splash
The World of Constance & Collier, #1
Kit Marlowe

It's London in the Jazz Age: the times are fast and the women faster. Constance Wynne Hare has men eager to throw themselves at her feet; so why does she pine for the one man who takes her for granted?

The Black Door
Charlotte Howard

Imogen Pearce is a single mum of 4 kids and fast approaching 40. She works at Ryedale Incorp where she has to battle a younger and smarter generation to get along. If that means taking on the account of Cherry and Sean Rubin’s adult shop, then she will. What happens when Imogen discovers the private club that they run at the back? And what happens when she realizes she knows quite a few members?

Carmel Charmers Series
Kemberlee Shortland

2-in-1 volume

The Carmel Charmers Series includes the novelettes Tutti-Frutti Blues and Dude Looks Like A Lady. These stories are set in the quaint town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, when eating ice cream while walking through town was illegal and one required a permit to wear high heels!

Constant Craving
Irish Pride Series
, #2.5
Kemberlee Shortland

This short story is the sequel to A Piece of My Heart, and is included as a free read in the back of that book.

Cop Girl
Sassy Girls Series, #4
Joanne Sexton

Officer Mabel Montgomery is assigned a new partner, Adam Kennedy, only to learn he's being investigated by internal affairs. The one who got away, Hayden Summerville, is a doctor working in Africa. When he returns, it's not long before they find each other again and love blooms. After making a rookie mistake, everyone believes Mabel is dead. When Hayden discovers the truth, can he forgive her?

Daughter of Mull
Magic of Mull, #3
Joan Fleming

Anne Ballantyne is devastated by her birth mother’s refusal to meet her and uses her job as a freelance researcher to fund her trip to the Scottish Island of Mull to find her. She quickly falls for islander, Finn, but problems arise when roommate, Roddie, arrives. Torn between the two men, she’s confused about pursuing a mother who doesn’t want to meet her. Anna has an important decision to make.

Dude Looks A Like a Lady
Carmel Charmers Series
, #2
Kemberlee Shortland

Pamela Howard can't believe she let her friend Maisie talk her into dressing as King Louis XVI for a charity event. Hank Delacroix is ready to throttle his friend Jake for tricking him into dressing as Marie Antoinette. When Pam finally meets her partner, memories and heartache awaken for the man she left at the altar.

Ecology of Lonesomness
David O'Brien

Kaleb Schwartz left Bigfoot studies in the Pacific Northwest forests for Scotland's Great Glen to investigate aquatic food webs and nutrients cycles. Home from college, Jessie McPherson hopes to avoid her youthful obsession with Loch Ness' dark waters when she first discovered lonesomeness. When Kaleb discovers Jessie's lonesomeness refers not just to the solitude of the loch, he's faced with an ecological problem of monstrous proportions. Will his decision cause the death of his happiness, as well of a newly-discovered species?

Fesitval Fireworks
Ann Burnett

Aussie lass, Jill Kennedy, arrives in Edinburgh at festival time and immediately crosses swords with her new neighbour, Andrew MacCallum-Blair. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers he’s her boss at the temporary job she's taken to help fund her travels. Can they set their differences aside so they can work together? Or will the fireworks developing between Jill and Andrew consume them?

Fire Girl
Saucy Girls, #3
Joanne Sexton

Charlotte Summerville is finally achieving her biggest dream when a swaggering fire-fighter, Jared, walks into the veterinary clinic with his dog. Danger is lurking in their lives, coursing out in the form of serial fires and killings. The peril of relationships smashing them apart time and again, even though love is ignited in both their hearts.

Five Days on Ballyboy Beach
David J. O'Brien

A startling revelation: The friend you never viewed romantically is actually the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. But what do you do about it? For Derek, a laid-back grade camping with college friends on Ireland's west coast, the answer is…absolutely nothing. As their five days on the beach pass, Derek soon realises that to get what he desires, he'll have to take it.

Fly Girl
Saucy Girls, #5
Joanne Sexton

When Elle meets fly boy Alex in a nightclub, it's love at first site for both of them. They decide to get married before he leaves for war. When Elle learns Alex's plane has been shot down, and he stops emailing her, she knows something is wrong and flies to Korea for more information. Will he make it out of Korea alive? How will Elle overcome her husband being missing in action?

Going Against Type
Sharon Black

Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Regan gets an opportunity to write a new column under the pen name Side Swipe, and is soon drawn into a war of words and wit with a rival paper’s columnist, The Squire, getting readers and editors talking. When Charlotte meets Derry Cullinane, their attraction is instant. But as their relationship develops, they discover there's more at stake than protecting their alter egos.

Going Back
Lake Garda Series, #2
Jennifer Young

Leona Castellano returns to her Italian roots to put an old feud to bed. Her grandfather is dead, but his enemy, Faustino Manfredi, is determined to continue the hostility. When she becomes close to Faustino’s grandson, Nico, their romance strengthens Faustino’s vendetta and attracts the opposition of Leona’s parents, bringing Leona and Nico face to face with a terrible secret.

The Hidden Journal
Joyce Brennan

Jenna Mitchell moves her business to Crestridge, Kentucky and takes over a local antique shop. Angry words are exchanged when she meets handsome Drew Kelsey. A neighbor becomes matchmaker and brings the couple together. Despite their rocky start, they fall in love and look to the future. Marriage plans crumble when Jenna discovers a secret in an old journal.

Into the Unknown
Lorna Peel

London, 3 September 1939: War is inevitable. Into this turmoil steps Kate Sheridan, newly arrived from Ireland in search of work. She meets the notorious womaniser Flight Lt Charlie Butler sparks fly, but tries igorning her feelings. Charlie has no intention of getting involved, but Kate shatters his resolve. Should he allow his heart to rule his head and fall for her while there is a war to fight?

Irish Deceptions
Mist na Mara Series, #4
Paula Martin

Ellie Vaughan moves to Connemara to teach dance at the Mist Na Mara Arts Centre. When she teams up with Dan Nicholas to work on a school musical, they’re instantly attracted to each other. But then Ellie learns Dan has deceived her, he believes she’s been dishonest, and complications mount from outside forces. Can they find a way to overcome the obstacles threatening their future together?

Irish Inheritance
Mist na Mara Series, #1
Paula Martin

When an unknown benefactress leaves Jenna Sutton Guy Sinclair a house in western Ireland, they’re thrown together to unravel the intriguing tale of a 19th century love affair. Property agent, Eve Callaghan, has her own agenda. And friction builds over Jenna and Guy’s decision about the house and its contents. Will their Irish inheritance bring them together - or drive them apart?

Irish Intrigue
Mist na Mara Series, #2
Paula Martin

Charley Hunter returns to Ireland to complete her filming of a TV drama series. She still mourns the loss of her husband, so the last thing she expects is to fall for Luke Sullivan. While trying to find their way together, Luke is suddenly faced with a series of unexplained challenges. Has Charley put his children in danger? Has she betrayed him? Can they reconcile their differences and find love?

Irish Secrets
Mist na Mara Series, #3
Paula Martin

Kara Stewart’s search for her mother’s birth parents is surrounded in secrecy due to Irish adoptions of the 1960s. When Ryan Brady offers to help her untangle the mystery, their attraction is undeniable. But as secrets are revealed, wedges are driven not only between Kara and her mother, but also between Kara and Ryan. Can they find a way to heal the rifts created by all the secrets and find love?

Irish Shadows
Mist na Mara Series, #5
Paula Martin

Rose Finlay vowed never to give another man her heart–until Liam McKenna arrives at Mist Na Mara Arts Centre. He isn’t looking for a relationship either, but both fight mutual attraction. The past casts its shadow when Liam meets his sister’s adopted son, and Rose discovers a family betrayal from the Irish Civil War. Will they be able to resolve shadows from the past to find a future together?

Looking for Charlotte
Jennifer Young

Two year old Charlotte Anderson’s father killed her and then himself, and although he left a letter with clues to the whereabouts of her grave, she still hasn’t been found. Divorced and lonely, Flora Wilson is distraught when she hears news and embarks on a quest to find Charlotte’s body to give the child’s mother closure, but Flora's obsession begins threatening everything important to her.

Love Begins at 40
Ann Burnett

Maisie buys a holiday home in Largs, Scotland, and immediately befriends her elderly neighbour, Elizabeth. Her son, James, is still reeling from the loss of his son. Neither he or Maisie are looking for a relationship, so they’re both surprised when their closeness leads to intimacy. As Maisie approaches her 40th birthday, tragedy strikes and she’s forced to decide what she really wants from life.

Love on the Nile
Ellie Gray

What Natasha hasn’t bargained for on the Nile cruise is a handsome but moody archaeologist, Kyle Richardson. Having lost everyone he's ever loved, Kyle is a loner, believing himself to be cursed. Despite his better judgement, he finds himself drawn to Natasha, but is afraid of the deeper feelings she stirs in him. Can his feelings for her convince him it’s worth taking a risk on love?

Model Girl
Saucy Girls, #2
Joanne Sexton

Isabelle Winters is a single mother who doesn't easily trust men. She models in order to look after her son, Jesse, hoping to save enough to finish her degree. Mitchell Montgomery, sexy, playboy photographer, has a reputation as a womaniser, a man like to her absent father. As the camera clicks, sparks fly. Another watches from behind a lens, and threatens their growing bond, until threat is made terrible reality.

Kemberlee Shortland

Blánaid thinks there's something wrong with her. She hasn't dated in months. If not for her best friends, Ronan and Siobhan, Blánaid is sure she'll go crazy with loneliness and despair. Then, one night while watching the sunset, Ronan kisses her and suddenly, Blánaid's world is thrown into turmoil. Can Blánaid face the truth in Siobhan's words? Can Ronan settle for just being Blánaid's friend?

Untamed Safari Series, #2
Leigh Archer

Conservationist, Sophie Kyle, takes up a position on a private game farm outside Cape Town to indulge her passion for wildlife conservation. Reuben Manning is a British business tycoon who has bought a game farm in Africa, intended to to entertain friends and business associates. Powerful attraction ignites but they must overcome many obstacles to find common ground.

Women of Rexford, #1
Joyce Brennan

When Olivia McDougle discovers her fiancé with another woman, she leaves her career as an advertising executive in New York City, and takes over her family’s newspaper in Rexford, Ohio. One of Olivia’s editorials exposes the misdeeds of a local judge and his retaliation, almost destroys her life and the life of her new love, Dr. Mitch James. Will their love withstand the turmoil?

Only You
Lorna Peel

Jane Hollinger is a qualified genealogist, teaching family history evening classes. When she discovers a late enroller for the class is her all-time favourite actor and huge crush, Robert Armstrong, she’s stunned. Even more stunning is the fact Robert is interested in her. He’s everything she ever dreamed of, but can she overcome her fear of living in the public eye to be with the man she loves?

The Poet's Wife
Margie Church

Lily Holliway's life is shattered when her husband, Gabe, is killed in Afghanistan. Gabe feels her grief so strongly that his spirit cannot leave the confines of this world. He can't rest in peace until he's sure Lily is going to be okay. In desperation, he reaches out to her using his special gift. Finding the mysterious haiku makes Lily question her grip on reality.

The Power of Love
Kemberlee Shortland

When Elaine discovers she's pregnant, she hesitates telling her husband, Ethan. They're newlyweds and want to wait until they're ready to start a family. Ethan surprised her by accepting early parenthood. But when they receive bad news after a prenatal exam, both must face that their charmed lives were about to come crashing down around them. Do Christmas wishes really come true?

Practical Passion
Elizabeth Delisi

Julie Preston works hard raising her younger sister, Emily, giving up simple pleasures like love. When a friend drags her to a singles bar, Julie’s meets Douglas and they spend several passionate hours together. When Julie hires a tutor for Emily, she’s shocked to find Douglas from the bar. She has a hard time keeping her hands off him, but he isn’t looking for a long-term relationship. Right?

Carol Warham

Carly Mitchell returns home to Yorkshire, intending on apologizing for fleeing the previous year, leaving her groom and friends bewildered. Falling in love with Dr Ben Thornton was not part of her plan. Complications and tensions increase during the town’s New Year celebrations. Has she has done the right thing by coming home? Can she find the resolution she needs, or will she run away again?

Rhythm of My Heart
Irish Pride Series, #1
Kemberlee Shortland

Eilis Kennedy, gave up a singing career to become an Artists Representative with Eireann Records. Kieran Vaughan is just the talent she needs to contract who will really launch her career, while at the same time getting her out from under her boss's thumb. Fergus Manley vows to have Eilis in his bed at any cost.

Rich Girl
Saucy Girls, #1
Joanne Sexton

There's a fine line between love, obsession, and hate. Chelsea Summerville has a stalker who is kidnapping and murdering women resembling her, just to carve them up with a message. In order to save Chelsea, she and Det Lucas Hudson become partners, intimate partners. Can he stop a killer before he loses the woman he loves.

Running Man
Lake Garda Series, #3
Jennifer Young

At 21, Giorgia Manfredi is a wealthy Cinderella in a golden cage. Trapped in the family business — a luxury hotel on Italy's Lake Garda — she yearns for a normal life. When jogger Danny Davies rescues her from a mugging, Giorgia finds that love comes at a price, bringing with it hostility, deceit — and conflict. Can she forgive those she loves and find happiness with the man who’s stolen her heart?

Santa Takes a Wife
Betsy J. Bennett

Nicholas St. Noel knew what made children happy and he knew where every gift in his over-packed sleigh had to go until one Christmas when there was a gift he could not deliver. Beth Anderson believes in Christmas and in Santa Claus. She'd been relentlessly teased her whole life since she caught the real Santa as a child. But was she willing to give up her family and move to the North Pole?

Seeking Perfection
Caroline MacCallum

Emily Beach has a passion for wedding dress design and has grand plans to become the brand brides rush to when seeking perfection on their big day. Until that happens, she’s working at a swanky London boutique. When dashing yachting-mogul millionaire, Henry, sets his sights on her, she gets a taste of the finer things in life, as he sails straight into her heart. But does Henry really understand her need for independence, and her fierce determination to make it on her own?

Shape of My Heart
Irish Pride Series, #3
Kemberlee Shortland

Gráinne moonlights at The Klub! to earn money for college tuition. John ‘JD’ Desmond is an undercover detective. The Klub!, owned by Jimmy Malloy, is being used as a drug front, headed by the notorious Taylor 'The Hunter' Wade. JD wanted Gráinne to snitch for him, but things get complicated when they fall in love. When Gráinne witnesses Jimmy’s murder, she and JD are forced to run for their lives.

So Much It Hurts
Dellani Oakes

Alone in the big city, Pia Donovan feels lost when she finally arrives at the majestic, old hotel in the downtown area. Flynn Chancellor and his roommate, Yancy Fredrick, take an interest in Pia, introducing her to their city. Pia seems to have found her niche, and has made friends with the welcoming residents in the old hotel. Life seems perfect, until one weekend when everything changes forever.

Spirit of the Island
Magic of Mull, #2
Joan Fleming

Scarred after a car accident, Kirsty Mitchell fears that her marriage is falling apart when her husband, Adam, cancels their holiday cruise. Approaching her 30th birthday, she takes respite on the Isle of Mull. There she meets Finn who helps her feel beautiful again. But what of Adam and their future? Will the spirit of the island help her decide between Adam and Finn?

Thank You For The Music
Jennifer Young

When Abby Mortimer's boyfriend, Edward, confesses his infidelity, she flies to Majorca, heartbroken. There, she finds herself singing in her sister's upmarket hotel and quickly drawn to the pianist, Rafa. Then Edward shows up with apologies. Complicating things is music impresario, Marcus Paterson, who enters her life. Abby has difficult choices to make, especially when she learns Edward's secret.

Treading on Dreams
Jeff Gardiner

Donny's in love with Selena, but she's in love with Melvin. Hedonist landlord, Jaz, also wants Selena, but she's just a conquest, which backfires on him and threatens Selena's future. Jaz pulls Donny into his shenanigans. It's not long before Donny finds himself getting in over his head. He has to find a way to make Slena fall in love with him. Even if it means causing a scene at her wedding.

The Trouble with Beaches
The Trouble Series, #6
Kristi Ahlers

How hard could it be to organize a tour for four elderly ladies? When the grandson of one of the ladies turns up, things go every way but smooth. It doesn't help that Dean is a sexy pain in Anne's side. How can she fall for a guy so quickly? When it's obvious Dean feels the same attraction, he sets out to prove to Anne they're meant to be together.

The Trouble with Cupcakes
The Trouble Series, #3
Kristi Ahlers

Heather Ryan owns Cupcakes on Royal. She's up against rival, Lila, for the coveted Krewe of Bacchus contract. Heather is shocked to find old flame Alec Carlisle is the man in charge of the event, and Lila is his jealous ex! Heather needs this contract, but her heart still aches for Alec. Will Heather and Alec find forgiveness and be able to get past Lila’s obstacles to find a future together?

The Trouble with French Kisses
The Trouble Series, #1
Kristi Ahlers

The Trouble with French Kisses is inspired by a law enacted on April 5, 1910, which is considered the day romance died on French railways. Kissing was reportedly banned to help deter lover-induced rail delays throughout the country. Strangely enough this law is still on the law books today although enforcement has completely been forgotten.

The Trouble with Halloween
The Trouble Series, #8
Kristi Ahlers

Everly Treymore has been haunted by a dream that started when she was thirteen and returns every year, thirteen days before Halloween. She needs to confront what the dream really means. This means a trip to Salem, Massachusetts. When she meets Salem local Alexander Danforth she realizes he’s part of her story—and maybe you really never do put your past behind you. At least not when it’s true love.

The Trouble with Holly
The Trouble Series, #9
Kristi Ahlers

Holly hates Christmas, but if she wants to go to France on a wine tasting trip with her friends, she needs get a part time job. Christopher Harrington loves the holidays and volunteers every year as Santa at his family’s department store. This year his elf, Holly, is anything but a happy little soul. She might mean trouble, but Christopher is not afraid of that. Trouble can be fun.

The Trouble with Mistletoe
The Trouble Series, #5
Kristi Ahlers

Lily Kettering’s life is full and happy, but she knows there’s something missing in her life. With the holidays fast approaching, her sister is pressing Lily to come to her Christmas party. Donovan Kennedy is new to Lily’s building. From the moment he sees her, he wants to meet her. He's finagled an invite to the party, and if he plays his cards right, he could catch Lily under the mistletoe!

The Trouble with Pilots
The Trouble Series, #2
Kristi Ahlers

Can Sarah put aside her trouble with pilots to find love? Trey likes is a challenge, and before Sarah returns to the States, he's going to make sure he proves to her that pilots aren't trouble but worth loving.

The Trouble with Sailors
The Trouble Series, #11
Kristi Ahlers

Aspyn Cartwright is recovering from a bad relationship. Jesse Spencer is just looking for a bit of fun on shore leave. Neither are looking for a relationship. Can Jesse help Aspyn learn to get over Martin? Will he be able to handle the consequences if she does and turns her sights on him?

The Trouble with Surfers
The Trouble Series, #10
Kristi Ahlers

Sophia Drake takes a vacation to Hawaii. Letting loose, she takes surfing lessons. Suddenly finding herself alone on a board in the sea, her instructor missing, panic sets in that she'll be eaten by sharks. Surf pro, Brandon Joffery, offers to teach her the art of hanging ten. Suddenly, another problem arises -- how can she pay attention to the lesson when all she can focus on is Brendan Joffery.

The Trouble with Vineyards
The Trouble Series, #7
Kristi Ahlers

It’s up to Meredith Ramsey to turn her family’s vineyard into a money maker or the winery that has been in the family for one hundred eighty-two years will go up for auction. Jackson Remy is the consultant hired to help. Things were looking up for Meredith until she realizes Jackson is the man she left ten years ago. When the two of them meet, sparks fly, and not all in a bad way!

The Trouble with Voodoo
The Trouble Series, #4
Kristi Ahlers

Ashley Quinn has just opened her own bookstore off Bourbon Street only to find it's haunted by the ghost of the original owner, an 18th century notorious rake, Royce Kingston. Royce lived a reckless life and he'd broken the heart of the wrong woman. Ironically, she is the only woman who can save him. But time is running out.

Tutti-Frutti Blues
Carmel Charmers Series, #1
Kemberlee Shortland

Town therapist Maisie Daniels is having a bad day. A double scoop of tutti-frutti ice cream is sure to boost her mood. When Sgt Jake Hennessy spots her stepping out of the shop with her cone, he doesn't to cite her for eating ice cream on the street, a recent ban, but invites her to dinner instead.

Women of Rexford, #2
Joyce Brennan

Caught in a web of illegal drugs when she tries to help one of her co-workers, Victoria Gillette places her own life in danger. During the investigation, Sean Casey, an undercover narcotic agent, falls in love with Victoria, although he can’t reveal his true identity. During a crisis, will Sean reach Victoria in time to save her life? This fast-paced eBook has lots of twists and turns.

Warwick's Mermaid
Ellie Gray

Chloe MacGregor is determined to put the past behind her. The little cottage high up on the cliffs overlooking Whitby is her safe haven, somewhere she is free to be herself. But Luke Warwick, threatens her peace. Falling in love with him is not part of her plan. The only thing preventing their happy ever after is Chloe herself. Will she ever truly learn to leave the past where it belongs?

What the Future Holds
Magic of Mull, #1
Joan Fleming

Columb Cottage on Mull has long been in Amy Wilson's family. Instead of the relaxing holiday she expected, she's now pitted against Sandy McFarlane, a boy she once loved, who intends on building a holiday village on a site beside her cottage. Having just lost her job, Amy is moving to Mull. She'll fight Sandy if she has to, to prevent the project, but finds she's falling in love all over again.



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