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Christmas Once More
Stella Whitelaw

A collection of holiday short stories: A Cracking Time, Blue Nosed Clown, Bright Lights, Christmas In January, Christmas is Off This Year, Christmas Schedule Blues, Glad Tidings of Great Joy, Knock, Knock Noel, No Haste Christmas, The Second Ugly Sister, Twelve Days to Christmas

Hauntings Once More
Stella Whitelaw

A collection of haunting short stories: Beautiful Witch, Catching the Sea Wind, Day the Sea Stood Still, Dress Rehearsal, Free Fall, Ghost Train, Good Foot to Heaven, Memories Are Made of This, Merry Hell, Night Lighter, Other Cemetery Guide, Pillar Box Freak, Strictly Come Dying, Sunday Ghost, The Willows

Heart Spell
An Anthology
Elizabeth Delisi

A CUP OF NEW AGE CHARM Can the spirit of Christmas, with the help of Hope and Chloe’s eccentric Aunt Saidie, bring together two hearts aching to be filled? LOVE'S REDEMPTION Mara Parker’s heart is bleak as Christmas approaches. But is Doug who he seems—or is he after something more than shelter from the storm? THE HEART OF THE MATTER Can Cupid remove the blinders from Violet’s and Brett’s eyes and the padlocks from their hearts?

Elaine J. Davidson

A latticework creates a mesmerising pattern, one which pleases the eye and draws the onlooker closer. In this delightful anthology the emotional lattice connects the strands which amplify the human experience, our melancholy, our mistakes, and our residual power. Fourteen short tales by a diverse author makes Latticework an occult treat, worthy of fans who douse into the disturbing and diabolical.

The Midnight Zone
Elizabeth Delisi

Travel deep into unknown territory, where life and death are not as they seem; where you have to be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. These stories will take you beyond the realm of the solid and real, into the deepest, darkest corner of your imagination. Don't forget to bring your flashlight . . .

Unquiet Dreams
K.A. Laity

"Between waking and sleep, they wait." This is a speculative fiction anthology that includes some previously published and unpublished works by K.A. Laity. There's something for everyone who enjoys being disturbed whilst reading.

Yesterday Once More
Stella Whitelaw

A collection of historical short stories: Table for Two (1537), Run Crimson (1587), The Second Ark (1646), The Loblolly Boy (1805), Diary of Dr Arthur Southwick (1881), Southpaw (1939), Jubilee Jones ( 1939), The Dome is Square and Made of Jelly (1880 – 2000)



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