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W.F. Ranew is a former newspaper reporter, editor, and communication executive. He started his journalism career covering sports, police, and city council meetings at his hometown newspaper, The Quitman Free Press. He also worked as a reporter and editor for several regional dailies: The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, The Florida Times-Union, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Ranew has written two previous novels: Schoolhouse Man and Candyman’s Sorrow.

He lives with his wife in Atlanta and St. Simons Island, Ga.

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Rich and Gone, #1

PI Red Farlow is on the hunt for Woody Cunningham, a Florida insurance executive who has embezzled $300 million from family and friends. Has he been done in by one of his enemies? Or did he skip town with his ill-gotten wealth? Clues lead Red across Georgia and Florida, and Europe, to find the answers. Is Woody Cunningham dead, or just rich and gone?

Blue Magnolia, #2

While playing in a Georgia bar, Hank "Cowboy" Tillman stumbles into trouble when his song, Redneck Devil, attracts the attention of a violent group called the Blue Magnolia who want him to perform at their next rally. An elderly patient in a Florida insane asylum reveals a decades-long secret. Can Farlow root out the truth? The PI has his own problems as he confronts a hired killer face-to-face.

East Beach, #3

PI Red Farlow finds FBI Agent Joseph Trammell shot four times and dying in a pool of his own blood. Five casings are on the floor. Did the local drug and arms smuggler hire a hit? And who caught the fifth bullet? Farlow wades into the murky water of intrigue, conflicting love affairs, and danger as he tracks down the killer. It’s not exactly a relaxing day at the beach.




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