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Bound to the Highlander
Highland Chiefs Series, #1
Kate Robbins

After losing her father, Aileana Chattan discovers she is to wed neighboring chief and baron, James MacIntosh--a man she despises. James is a nobleman torn between tradition and progress. Forced to sign a marriage contract years earlier binding Lady Aileana to him, James must find a way to break it, or risk losing all--including his heart. Honor, duty and love are challenged at every turn.

Enemy of the Highlander
Highland Chiefs Series, #3
Kate Robbins

Two years ago, Freya MacKay walked away from the only man she would ever love, knowing her clan would never accept their love. Ronan Sutherland has lost everything to a cruel uncle who will lay the entire north Highlands to waste if he's not stopped. There is only one who can help, but seeking alliance with his former enemy, Fergus MacKay, means encountering the woman who left him two years ago.

Heart of the Highlander
Highland Chiefs Series, #3
Kate Robbins

Independence is not an easy path in a world dominated by men. When Muren's betrothal to Rorie is broken, she vows to take control of her life. After inheriting his clan, Rorie is pulled into the king's schemes involving Muren, but diplomacy will only take him so far. Facing impossible odds, Rorie and Muren seek the one power that can obliterate any barrier—love.

Highlander Bewitched
Highland Chief Novellas, #1
Kate Robbins

Stripped of her title, Gwendolyn MacGregor was put into service for the chief of the Chattan Clan. Calum MacIntosh believes virtue is the most important gift he can bring to marriage. When his path crosses with Gwendolyn, he is inexplicably drawn to her. Caught between longing and duty, they discover a powerful bond that will not be defined by social expectations or status—and will not be denied.

Knight of the White Hart
The Breton Lais, #1
Kathryn Marlowe

Guigemar is a Breton knight fighting beside King Arthur. His excels in all the courtly arts except love. Returning home, Guigemar is injured while hunting. The doe curses him: the wound will never heal until he meets his true love. Mad with pain, he stumbles to the shore where a ship sails him away. Waking from his fever, he sees a woman peering at him. And there his real troubles begin.

Lady of the Two Lands
Elizabeth Delisi

One minute, Hattie Williams is in a museum, sketching Hatshepsut's gold necklace, first female Pharaoh of Egypt; and the next, she's sent back in time to ancient Egypt. Soon, Hattie learns three things: She's become Hatshepsut, the heir to the thone wants her dead, and she's falling hopelessly in love with Senemut, Hetshepsut's steward. What's an obscure artist from Chicago to do as crowned ruler of all Egypt?

The Mangrove Legacy
Kit Marlowe

A gothic novel of mystery, romance — and pockets!

Follow cousins Alice and Lizzie as they are kidnapped from Lord Mangrove’s funeral cortege, spirited away by highwaymen, then sold to nefarious seamen until they’re captured by pirates without so much as an improving book to read!

Prisoner of the Highlander
Highland Chiefs Series, #4
Kate Robbins

Annabella Beaufort is cousin to the Queen Consort of Scotland, and Angus MacDonald is son of Alexander MacDonald, Lord of the Isles. Though they fight on opposite sides of the battle for power over Scotland, they discover a fire that will not be ignored. Will their families loyalties tear them apart? Will she return to him if he releases her? Or will she imprison his heart for all eternity?

Promised to the Highlander
Highland Chiefs Series, #2
Kate Robbins

Nessia Stephenson is a woman who's future has been planned for her, including the man she'll marry. When she meets Fergus MacKay, brother of her intended, her choices could mean a clan war.

To Capture the Sky
Choices of the Heart, #2
Jennie Marsland

A traitor to his home state of Georgia, Trey has built a new life for himself in the untamed Colorado Territory. Now it’s time to find a wife to share the future he’s worked so hard for–but can he free himself from his past?Beth Underhill needs to marry to escape being sent back east. She prefers Trey’s honest business proposal to false promises of love, buy can a marriage of convenience last?

The Sins of the Sire
Dark Highland Passions, #1
Emily Royal

Tavish MacLean swore vengeance for the loss of his sister at the hands of lord De Montford; to take his daughter, impregnate her with a Scottish bastard, then send her home. When she's brought to him, Tavish recognises Elyssia, the woman who'd saved his life. Loyalty to his clan clashes with his debt to her. He must now risks his life and his clan, or all that he holds dear will be destroyed.

The Trouble with British Lords
The Trouble Series, # 12
Kristi Ahlers

London, 1812 - New to London society, American, Jocelyn Ramsey, makes an embarrassing splash to the ton. Rescued by Cameron Rutledge, Duke of Chattaris, Jocelyn finds the trouble with British Lords is they're never predictable. Instantly charmed by her faux pas, Cameron doesn’t care what trouble he has to go through to get her.

Where the Heart Is
Choices of the Heart, #1
Jennie Marsland

With the America Civil War looming, Rochelle McShannon moves her father home to England's Yorkshire Dales, leaving all that matters to her behind in Georgia. Including the man she'd hoped to marry. Martin Rainnie lost his wife in childbirth and now his baby daughter is being fostered by Chelle's family. He's turned his back on the world, but drawn together, can Martin and Chelle overcome danger, loss, and bitterness to make a home where the heart is?



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