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While in her third year of French at high school, Angelique was forced to journal every day. Never the lover of her own personal diaries, she instead rewrote Romeo and Juliet, en Françias. Except that Romeo was a duck-billed platypus, and Juliet was a strawberry. It was a doomed, albeit deliciously sweet, relationship from the start.

Long before that, Angelique wrote and performed ridiculously caddy commercials in grade school with her best friend Shannon. Ever the optimist, she believes the best is yet to come, sharing a meal is the quickest route to peace, and love conquers all. Although she was born and raised in the paradise that is the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle, not traveling has never been an option for Angelique.

Today, Angelique writes character-driven love stories of various heat levels in settings from Earth to the nearest Black Hole which range from the Cosmic past to the Inter-galactic future. She also loves rugby. And champagne. With fresh raspberries, if you please.

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One Night in Portland
City Nights, #37

Army Captain, Finn O’Grady, returns home from a field training exercise exhausted and defeated. He collides with quilt artist, Lee-Lee Song, as she storms out of a restaurant, fleeing from the date her parents set her up with. On first meeting, Finn or Lee-Lee agree to spend the day exploring the city. After one night, will they be forced back into their own worlds, or decide to explore each other?




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