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Released: April 2013
ISBN: 9781301204182
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Author: Elizabeth Delisi
Length: Novella
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Price: $2.99

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When Cassie buys an antique compact, little does she know it can foretell the future--her future. Marjorie, a Florida girl unwillingly transplanted to Vermont, learns there's more to fear from the alien snowfall than just the cold. Neil Dallas's jagged descent from rock and roll singer to drug-addicted has-been is unstoppable . . . or is it?

Travel deep into unknown territory, where life and death are not as they seem; where you have to be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. These stories will take you beyond the realm of the solid and real, into the deepest, darkest corner of your imagination. Don't forget to bring your flashlight . . .


excerpt from Mirror, Mirror

Cassie opened her compact and peered into the round mirror. Her nose looked a little shiny. As she reached for the powder puff, a movement in the mirror caught her eye. She saw the waiter bringing a drink to the woman at the table in back of her. Served in a pineapple, it had two gaudy red paper parasols and a large pink straw sticking out of the top. Cassie watched, amused, the puff arrested in its journey to her nose.

Suddenly, the waiter tripped. The pineapple slid down the length of the steeply-tilting tray to land, upside-down, in the woman’s lap.
“Oh!” Cassie gasped.

“What?” Laura asked.

“Did you see the waiter spill a drink all over that poor woman?”

Laura twisted in her chair. “No. Where?”

“Right behind me.” Cassie turned around. The table was empty. “I guess she already left. Maybe she went to the ladies’ room to clean up.”

“I didn’t see any woman at that table,” Laura said. “Are you sure?”

“I saw it in my mirror.” Cassie held up her compact.

“Ooh, let me see!” Laura reached for it. “This is lovely! Where did you get it?”

“I found it last week in an antique store on the Cape,” Cassie said. “It was a funny little shop, full of all sorts of peculiar things. I liked the compact so much that I went back the next day to look for another one; but I couldn’t find the place again.” She shrugged.

Laura rubbed her fingers over the engraved gold case, then opened it. “Here’s your problem. This old mirror is so cloudy, it’s no wonder you’re seeing things.” She snapped it shut and handed it back.

“Here comes our lunch.” Laura pointed to a waiter carrying a full tray. Diverted, Cassie forgot all about what she’d seen in the mirror.

An hour later, the two friends finished their meal. On her way out, absorbed in paying the check, Cassie didn’t notice a waiter spilling an entire pineapple full of liquor on a woman who had just been seated.


Top Reviews
I really enjoyed reading The Midnight Zone by Elizabeth Delisi. It’s a series of short stories ranging across genres. Clearly the author gets her love of the “Twilight” style from her great-grandfather, William Cummings Gegenheimer, who penned the first story in the collection. All the tales are delicious and often quite creepy. Unlike a lot of short story collections, which are good to start with but feel like a mission to finish, The Midnight Zone is an easy read. Each story keeps you anticipating the next one. If you like short stories with a twist then The Midnight Zone is the book for you. ~ Elaine Dodge, reader

• • •

This collection of stories covers several genre's and are a delight to read. From whimsical to humorous to thought provoking to spooky and more. They leave you with lingering thoughts after the story is read. They also have you wanting more. Most of them have little twists at the end, a couple just drop off but still leave you thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed getting into this collection of the flights of the imagination and will be looking for more by this author. Outstanding! ~ Sandra Padgett, Amazon

• • •

Each story was well-written and enjoyable . . . I enjoyed that the stories are a little different in their settings. It was a nice change . . . I thought it was an enjoyable anthology. The stories were short, quick to read. If you’re looking for a change of pace and like SF/F, this might be something you’d enjoy. ~ Char, Apocalypse Mama

• • •

The tone of the stories is always slightly eerie making it a delicious late night read when cuddled up under your favorite blanket and thus, cozily safe . . . it was a delightful collection of stories that all together can be read in one sitting, but can also be pulled out individually to be read a few minutes here and there . . . it’s a hodge-podge of genres with a tone that moves from fatalistic to sad to humorous depending on the stories. Those who enjoy short stories and eclectic tastes should definitely give this one a try. ~ Sophia Rose, Delighted Reader



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