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Released: January 2015
ISBN: 9781310446184
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Author: Dellani Oakes
Length: Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $3.99

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Kent Griswald is a high powered movie executive known for his micro-managing and aggressive supervision of a movie from beginning to end. He's not well liked professionally or personally, so when someone puts a knife in his chest, no one is terribly surprised. However, someone also took pot shots at his younger brother, Connor, who has no enemies.

Detectives Walter Scott and Vanessa Weinstein are called in on the case, ready for action. Unfortunately, Detective Scott hadn't counted on the eyewitness, Cadence Stuart. Pretty and personable, she's also terrified that the killer may come after her next. It's up to Scott to protect her from the tall, dark killer. Unfortunately, so far, the killer's identity and whereabouts are Undiscovered.

“My sister’s the manager,” he explained as the hostess led them to a table.

“Your usual drink, Scott?”

“Not tonight. I’ll have iced tea.”

“Not a rum runner or something more interesting?” The hostess probed.

“Thanks, no. Still gotta drive home.” He flashed a winning smile.

The hostess sashayed off, swinging her hips. Scott watched her until Nessa nudged him, clearing her throat.

“Friend of yours?”

“Used to be. Okay, still on occasion. A beneficial friend,” he clarified.

“Got that. My keen observation sense.” She tapped the corner of her right eye.

“We gonna rehash that old dog?”

“Which old dog?”

“That argument where you tell me what a man slut I am? Cause that got old the first sixty times. I don’t think I can sit through it again.”

“You can do what you want.”

“Why didn’t you feel like that before?”

“We were dating then.”

Walt frowned, pursing his lips. “Cheap shot, Ness.”

“And what you’re doing isn’t?”

“When we were dating did I ever look at another woman? You’d love it if I’d been unfaithful, then you’d be able justify leaving me.”

“Here we go,” the waitress said cheerfully. “Dinner is served! Can I get you anything else?”

“We’re good,” Scott said. “Thanks.”

She strutted off again and he made a point of watching her just to irk Vanessa.

“How’d you like it if I started ogling some guy while I’m with you?”

“When you can find one better built than me, go ahead.”

“Arrogant prick.”

“But you liked that arrogant prick, Ness. As I recall, you found it quite satisfying.”

“I think we’d better drop this subject too.”

“But we’re finding out what we have in common, a messed up love life.”

They changed the subject to anything but love and crime.

Top Reviews
Couldn't stop reading
Once I started the story I - who am admittedly a "what's next" junkie - couldn't put it down. Compared to my favorite "yearning love story" - James Clavell's classic "Shogun," it's both a quick read and a quick picture of falling in love. Nonetheless, very well written and I certainly enjoyed it. Looking forward to more from Ms. Oakes! ~ Reader, Amazon

• • •

Discover Undiscovered
This Romance Suspense Novella hits both genres head on with suspense from page one and plenty of plot twists and steamy romance to keep you going. I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I devoured it, lol. It’s a fun and thrilling read you won’t want to miss. Dellani Oakes knows how to weave a good tale. I highly recommend! ~ Terri Berbatiotis, Amazon

• • •

"Undiscovered" by Dellani Oakes is classic and raunchy erotic suspense set in the movie business . . . I found the characters very life-like, the romantic parts well done and the suspense strong. Fans of the genre won't be disappointed with this. ~ Christoph Fischer, Goodreads

• • •

An excellent murder mystery
This is a real page turner . . . This is an excellent murder mystery, well written with lots of suspense and the right amount of romantic sexual tension. Plus I love the humour throughout. Add to all that some great characters and you have a recipe for a very good book. ~ Ann Stanmore, Amazon



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