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Released: September 2014
ISBN: 9781310707407
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Audio Released: May 2017
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Author: Tegon Maus
Length: Novel
Genre: Science Fiction
Price: $3.99
Audio: $21.48

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Strange lights in the night sky. The baffling case of a woman locked in a basement and two words, repeated continuously by his friend and guide…’IS BELT.’

Peter Anderson is a newspaper reporter with a career on the slide. After 27 years he’s all but washed up and overlooked for the best jobs.

Sent to cover what seems like a mundane piece, about a series of strange lights in the night sky over Arizona, Anderson suddenly finds himself embroiled in one of the strangest events of his life.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the tedious job becomes a puzzling mystery. A mysterious young woman, trapped in a basement, diverts his attention from the job in hand. She is rescued by Anderson then promptly disappears before he can learn any more about her. And there’s still the lights.

As he returns to investigate them he uncovers more questions than answers. And then there is those two words, repeated over and over again…


The first time I heard it, I thought nothing of it…nothing. I've been in the newspaper game for more than twenty-seven years and that kind of experience gave a guy an edge but even that didn't prepare me for this.

I'd been beaten, shot at, even stabbed a couple of times over the years but I always got the story. Always. But this one was big. Too big perhaps. Maybe we were ready, maybe not. Either way, it wasn't my call.

None of which filled me with the fear, the trepidation, the anguish of five little words that still haunt me today…

"Is okay. I have cousin."

I felt as though I had been in a plane or a car for weeks sent from town to town, story to story without a break or at least a weekend to catch up. At the very least it was nice to return to a hotel I had been in several times before. Tired beyond words I was more than happy to have Carlos carry my bags to my room.

"Carlos, do you know where Payson is?" I asked as I slid the card, opening the door.

"Sure. It's about an hour and a half north of here, why?"

"I have an interview tomorrow at 10:00. I need a car and some directions," I said, tossing my laptop on the bed.

"I can arrange it for you. 7:00 AM good?"

"That would be great," I said, searching my pocket. "Thanks, Carlos," I said, holding out a five.

"Thanks, but that's not necessary," he answered, waving away my offering.

I shook his hand and he took his leave.

Alone at last, I collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

I lay there, staring at the ceiling, trying to control the personal demons that slowly began to chink away at my armor. I hated the quiet time, hated to be alone. I could only hope tomorrow proved to be less frustrating.


By 7:00 AM the following morning, I stood in the lobby, ready for the day. True to his word, Carlos arrived on time.

"Morning, sir," he said, offering his hand in greeting.

"Morning, Carlos," I returned, giving his hand a quick shake.

I followed him across the lobby and then outside to stand in the morning sun. We made small talk as the minutes slowly ticked away. I glanced at my watch several times, becoming more uncomfortable as each minute slipped by.

Carlos made no outward sign he noticed my discomfort. It was clear I was going to have to say something.

"Ah, here we are," he said cheerfully, raising his right hand to flag down a passing car.

I turned in surprise and disappointment as a faded blue sedan sputtered to a stop in front of us, belching out a small cloud of blue smoke with a sharp bang.

A mournful creak of metal pierced the air as the driver's door swung open.

Dressed in a rumpled black suit, a very large, heavyset man unfolded himself from behind the wheel, tucking his shirt into his slacks as he rounded the front of the car.

He ran his fingers through his hair frantically, trotting up the steps to the landing were we waited.

"Carlos, my friend," the man said loudly in a strong Slavic accent, throwing his arms around the young man, lifting him off the ground. At long last he set him down, patting him heavily on the back.

"Mr. Peter Anderson, this is Dimitri Rurik Petrova," Carlos said cheerfully, patting the large man affectionately on the chest as he spoke.

"Nice to meet you," I responded, offering my hand. "My friends call me Pete."

This close to me, Dimitri seemed even larger than I first thought. His face was square, his skin painfully pocked, but pleasant over all, giving him the appearance of an out of shape football player.

"You are friend to Carlos, you are friend to me. We are friends now. Yes?" he said before grabbing me, hugging me, giving me the same hello he had just given Carlos.

"We're late, Mr. Petrova," I admonished, now irritated with having been handled like a rag doll.

"Call me, Bob," he returned, rocking his weight from heel to toe, swinging his arms playfully.

"Bob? How the hell do you get Bob from Dimitri?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

"Bob is American, yes? I now American, so now am Bob."

Top Reviews
Overall I found this charming tale very entertaining. Its flow and direction kept me interested, so much so that I read the whole thing in one sitting. The author has obviously enjoyed writing this work as it shows through in the way that it trips along. This is a story that has been designed to make you smile with its wordplay and shows us that the author knows how to play within his craft. I would like to able to put my finger on something that I would have liked to have seen done differently but to be honest I like this type of writing. It is fun and free flowing. Tegon can add one more fan to his growing list. ~ Reader at Scriggler

• • •

Is Okay. Have Great Book
I love Tegon Maus' writing . . . The novel is a cornucopia of absurd moments and situations, and once again, the delight is in knowing that with every new page will come a new absurdity. And the glee with which Maus writes shines throughout. This is an author deeply invested in his audience. He has asked for our time and money, and in return he not only tells us an enjoyable story but tells it in such a way that we lose ourselves in the novel. Giving too many details would be spoiling the novel, so I'm going to stop here. In terms of flaws... well... it's dialogue-heavy, if you still consider that a flaw. Other than that, it's about as good a mainstream book as I've ever read. Who knew the first novel I'd officially give 5 stars to would be a mainstream novel about UFOs and a weird dude named Bob? But I do hereby give Bob by Tegon Maus 5 out of 5 stars. Utterly fantastic. ~ Jonathan, Amazon

• • •

Madcap romp that leaves you breathless and wanting more. Great characters come to life and throughout you cheer on Andy the reluctant hero. ~ Amazon reader

• • •

Unique discoveries on the way to space ship revelation
Though usually reserved for the end of my review I have to leak a necessary fact about author Tegon Maus. He writes with an imagination far "outside the box" that science fiction lovers will immerse themselves in page after page. This story Bob, along with his other works reflect an imaginative mind that knows no boundaries. ~ Valerie Caraotta, Amazon

• • •

A Great Sci-Fi Story For Everyone
I felt as if the science fiction industry in the entertainment field was dying down because of the lack of new original stories. But when I came across Tegon Maus' "Bob" I was one-hundred percent wrong . . . One of my favorite motifs about this book is how Tegon Maus combined both of the famous scares that haunted the American public beginning in the thirties and of course, made it into the entertainment field in the fifties . . . Read the book. ~ Erik Nelson, Amazon

• • •

Action Packed Delight
'Bob' is a delightful book and a delightful character. The book is soft science fiction and can be enjoyed by readers of thrillers, action/adventure, and humor. Be sure to buckle in for this faced paced read, or as Bob would say, "Is Belt"! ~ Teddy, Amazon

• • •

I love Bob! And I love Bob. Both the character and the book left me wishing for more. Bob, the character is great. His character had me cracking up for most of the book. Not that Bob is trying to be funny. It's just that he is. And Bob the book is better because of Bob the character . . . This book is great. You will be both laughing during and enthralled by the story. The characters are perfectly written and the dialog is wonderful. The way the story flows keeps you reading quickly and you'll find yourself at the end of Bob way too soon. The story is a must read for any sci-fi lovers, but even if you aren't a sci-fi person, you'll enjoy the story....mostly because of Bob. ~ Christy's Cozy Corners

• • •

This will leave you wondering if there is life out there
There’s lots of action in Bob and the story will hold your interest from beginning to end. It’s an easy book to sit down with and read late into the night with. I thoroughly enjoyed Bob’s cousins, from the black-skinned cousin to the Italian cousin that spoke only Italian yet seemed to answer Peter in English every question. I thought that the plot was plausible and the characters were realistic. If you’ve ever wondered if there is life out there in the universe other than ours, this might be a fun read for you. ~ Kathryn Svendsen, Amazon

• • •

Bob is science fiction but it is also suspenseful and funny. The characters are delightful. Bob, the man helping Peter (for a cost), is one of a kind. He’s not only funny and overbearing but he always comes through. He always has a “cousin” who can help them out. Emma is also unique as well as mysterious and Peter and Bob feel they need to help her. I was actually surprised at the end which is always good. I definitely recommend Bob. It has a little bit of everything: science fiction, humor, adventure, and suspense. ~ Dawn, Amazon

• • •

A science fiction story that has quirky characters and is filled with interesting events is one that I would recommend to anyone wanting something fun but a little bit different to read. ~ Cathy Geha, Goodreads

• • •

The characters in this novella were well-developed and memorable . . . One of the things I enjoy the most about Mr. Maus’ writing style is how much energy he puts into describing his settings in great detail without slowing down the plot at all. Instead he sprinkled mesmerizing imagery into everything else that was going on. Sometimes the descriptions were funny. Other times they were eerie or mind-boggling. Peter visited some truly incredible places during the course of this tale, and I felt like I experienced them alongside him . . . Bob was a wild ride. This is a great choice for anyone who likes speculating about the real origins of Unidentified Flying Objects." Astilbe, Long and Short Reviews

• • •

Whether or not you believe the outcome, there is no denying that you will have great fun reading this very enjoyable science fiction story. It has all the essential components, good characters, a great plot and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing, right up until the end . . . Oh, and mustn’t forget to mention Bob’s numerous cousins, without whom this story couldn’t have been written. ~ Susan Keefe, Amazon

• • •

This is a cute science fiction piece that can't be put down until the last "cousin" is discovered. Bob is so zany and endearing one can't help but to love him in spite of his nefarious ways. This adventure moves very quickly, so one must keep on their toes to keep up with the action. This novel starts off as the typical lights in the sky story, but quickly morphs into an entirely unique tale of good and evil and the reader is kept on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens next. The end is completely unexpected but completely hilarious. Anyone into sci-fi or comedy would enjoy this delightful little gem that is worth reading again and again. ~ Belinda Wilson, Amazon

• • •

What more can I say about Tegon's storytelling ability that hasn't already been said? I love it. His stories are creative, his voice is unique, and one can't help but instantly like any character he writes. I'd love to sit beside him one day and watch him write. I want to see how he does it. This story is everything I look for in a fun read. It has action and adventure, some science fiction, some seat-edge drama, and some tummy ticklers. I mean, how can you not chuckle at some of those classic Tegon one-liners? Really, this book should be read by everyone who likes a great story and looking for something a bit outside the book box. Read it. Read it several times. The only thing you might be disappointed in is getting to the last page and Bob's story is over. Or is it?! ~ Heart of Fiction



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