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Digital Released: February 2013
ISBN: 9781301231720
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Print Released: February 2014
ISBN: 9781910234020
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Audio Released: June 2017
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Author: Cathy Mansell
Length: Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Digital Price: $2.99
Print Price: $11.99

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Life is hard for widow, Oona Quinn. She's grief-stricken by the tragic deaths of her husband and five-year-old daughter. While struggling to survive, she meets charismatic Jack Walsh at the shipping office where she works.

Vinnie Kelly, her son's biological father, just out of jail, sets out to destroy both Oona and all she holds dear. Haunted by her past, she has to fight for her future and the safety of her son, Sean. But Vinnie has revenge on his mind . . .

The sun had just come out, and McNally cursed the task ahead of him. The child’s death had touched him deeply. At the station, he had seen tears in grown men’s eyes. This was, by far, the hardest thing he had ever had to do.

He parked the car outside the house with the shiny green door and well-maintained garden, and walked slowly up the path. He hesitated. From inside he heard laughter and music, and it pained him to be the bearer of such shocking news. A lump formed in his throat. He removed his hat and held it in front of him, before knocking on the door.

‘Mrs. Quinn?’

Oona stared at the uniformed man on her doorstep. ‘That . . . that’s me.’ She clutched the door. ‘Has . . . has something happened?’

‘I’m Sergeant McNally. There’s been an accident. May I come in?’

Connie joined her in the hall, the smile slipping from her face.

‘Are you a relative?’ he asked.

‘We’re sisters. What is it?’

He thought Oona was going to faint but her sister’s hand guided her towards the living room. A moment later, the two women sat on the sofa clutching hands.

‘May I sit down?’

Oona nodded. She was trembling. McNally could see a glimmer of hope in her big brown eyes.

‘I’m afraid your husband’s been in a serious accident, Mrs. Quinn.’ He saw all her fears encapsulated in that one terrible moment as he delivered the news.

‘Please, tell me he’s not dead.’

He swallowed, barely able to answer, and then he nodded.

‘No. No. Please don’t tell me that. Dear God! Eamon can’t be dead. You’ve made some mistake. Are . . . are you . . . sure it’s my husband?’

‘We found his driving licence.’ He gripped his hat. How could he tell her about the little girl?

‘My little girl! What about Jacqueline?’ she cried out. ‘Where is she? She’ll be frightened. I must go to her.’

‘I’m afraid there was nothing we could do, Mrs. Quinn. It all happened so fast.’

'God! No! Not my little girl! Not Jacqueline!’ She was shaking hysterically.

‘Connie! Tell him; tell the Sergeant he’s got it wrong. Please, Connie.’

‘They’re not, not both of them,’ Connie pleaded, her face distraught.

‘Everything that could possibly be done was done at the scene. A drunk driver coming off the boat caused the crash. He’s dead, too. I’m afraid I was a witness. I’ve spoken to a number of other eye witnesses who saw the white van veering erratically before hitting your husband’s car.’ He swallowed again.

‘There was nothing your husband could have done, Mrs. Quinn. I’m so sorry. If it’s any consolation at all, they were both killed instantly.’

‘God Almighty! No! No!’ Oona rocked back and forth. Her breath was coming in huge spasmodic lurches as if her chest was about to explode. He had seen people grieving before, but to lose a child . . . He wished this was all a dream and that he hadn’t been a witness. He sat with his head bowed, turning his hat round and round in his hands.

Oona stood up, shaking uncontrollably. Before he could do anything, she collapsed onto the floor.

McNally rushed towards her. ‘If you have any brandy in the house, bring it,’ he told Connie.

When she came back, Oona was sitting up, supported by the Sergeant. Connie handed him the tumbler.

‘Try and sip this.’ He held the gold liquid to Oona’s lips. ‘You’ve had a terrible shock.’

She took a small amount and wrinkled her nose. It made her cough. She struggled to stand up. ‘I, I should . . . I should be with them. We must hurry.’

Connie’s face was full of concern. ‘We’re going now, Oona,’ Connie said, scribbling a note for their parents and sealing it in an envelope. The note simply said:

Mam and Dad,
There has been an accident. We’ve gone to the City Hospital. Please hurry, Dad! Don’t bring Sean.

McNally shook his head. ‘I’m so sorry, Mrs. Quinn. So sorry.’ He helped her into her coat. He could see she was in shock and his heart went out to her. How could anyone come to terms with such a loss? Tears streaming down her face, Connie placed a supportive arm around her distraught sister’s shoulders.

‘I should never have let Jacqueline go, Connie. How can life be so cruel? Eamon! Jacqueline!’ she wailed. ‘Oh, Jacqueline, my baby!’

McNally, his face grave, led both women to the car and drove off towards the city.
Top Reviews
A really enjoyable book
The story of Oona draws us in from the beginning and makes us care deeply about her, owing to the dreadful experience which she has to go through when the policeman arrives to break the news. The device of using the happiness of the party to be the forerunner of such a monstrous tragedy is well done . . . We long for better days and are not denied them, although the many difficulties she experiences on the way, coupled with bringing up a boy without a father, is well-drawn. Oona's journey through the novel culminates with the love she seeks and which the reader has hoped for all along . . . The setting shows some of the difficulties encountered in Ireland's historical past and will be especially appealing to Irish hearts as well as any reader who desires a good love story woven into a well-rounded plot . . . I am sure that we shall be seeing much more of Cathy and I wish her great success with her next book. ~ H. MCCABE, Amazon US

• • •

Story which has it all
Set in Dublin in the early 1960s, Shadow Across the Liffey is an evocative story dealing with tragedy, romance, the relationship between a mother and child, and an obsessive, vengeful ex. Any one of these can inspire a gripping tale, but Cathy Mansell has managed to incorporate them all . . . After tragedy shatters the life of Oona Quinn, she struggles to deal with her grief, whilst at the same time, helping her young son, Sean, to deal with his. Throw in a touch of romance and a threat of danger, and you have a book which will keep you enthralled right up to the last page. ~ RosieT, Amazon UK

• • •

A real page-turner with characters who jump off the page and a plot which will keep you gripped until the satisfying ending . . . Cathy Mansell continues the Irish writing tradition and now that we've lost Maeve, a name to watch. A stunning start and, once your appetite has been well and truly whetted she has another book being published 6th. June 2013. ~ Dianne, Amazon UK

• • •

I thoroughly enjoyed Shadow across the Liffey by Cathy Mansell, a wonderful heartwarming story with some sadness and happiness and a wonderful setting of Dublin in the 60's, I could not put it down and I finished it too soon, I can not wait for Cathy's new book due out on 6th.June A wonderful storyteller.
Monica Sherry. ~ Thomas Sherry, Amazon UK

• • •

A charming book
I really liked Oona, the central character in this novel and I followed her journey avidly, rooting for her life to turn out well after the tragedy in the early pages. It's beautifully written, with wonderful detail about the lives of the main characters, and it moves along really well through the story's twists and turns. It's a truly heartwarming tale. ~ Gillian, Amazon UK

• • •

Shadow Across the Liffey is a very good read, without a 'shadow' of a doubt! I had to keep reading, which is the sign of a good book. ~ Sylvia, Amazon UK

• • •

Gripping human drama
I felt the story was of an immediate human interest and easy to read. The characters are convincing and I warmed to them. ~ Lynne Vernon, Amazon UK

• • •

Classic Irish storytelling
This is a story in the best, heartwarming Irish tradition - taking you to a seductive setting and revealing the lives, loves and inmost hearts of the characters. The relationship between Oona and Jack is very well-drawn, as is the insidious,growing threat of Vinny. I really enjoyed the trip! ~ Jane Little, Amazon US and Amazon UK

• • •

Mrs Cathy Mansell's Novel "Shadow Across The Liffey" is the Best Written Book I have ever read - its got emotional, thrilling and meaningful content. It is the best book I have ever read !! : ) ~ Aoife Berry, reader

• • •

Although I don't read much romance, I really enjoyed this book - particularly the setting (Ireland/world of shipping). Although bad things happen, of course, it's the warm nature of Oona and her family that have lingered in my mind . . . A good read to escape into for a few hours. ~ Judith Cooper, Amazon UK

• • •

An Irish Legendary Novel - which should be a film
This cover is of an absolutely brilliant book that I am currently reading, It is called "Shadow Across The Liffey" - it is heart moving, gripping and addictive. I am not usually a big reader but I am really into this book and it is by a very talented and passionate writer called Cathy Mansell, She is local to my area and I am extremely proud of her - and it was an absolute pleasure to purchase this first published novel on my E-reader or Kindle. Well Worth A Read !! ~ snugglebum36, Amazon UK

• • •

A heart warming tale
This is a wonderful tale of real life, love and intrigue. The author takes you on a journey from tragedy to the hope of a new beginning. You will be totally caught up in the lives of the extremely well crafted characters . . . Set in Ireland in the early 60's Cathy conjures up perfectly the atmosphere of the location and era . . . You will laugh and cry but more than that you will not want to put it down! A lovely story with an exciting twist. What is the Shadow Across the Liffey....? This is the first novel from a bright new talent. I've a feeling that this author is one to watch! Highly recommended! ~ Stephen, Amazon UK

• • •

Triumph Over Adversity
I love a story that moves along at apace and has a rich seam of characters I can identify with. Shadow Across the Liffey is such a book. Who would not empathise with Oona who has experienced such tragedy in her life? She deserves to find true love. Just when we think that she has found the happiness which has eluded her for so long - her past catches up with her in the form of the villainous Vinny. Shades of the late, great Maeve Binchy echo throughout this novel and I look forward to reading more from this new Irish writer. ~ Lizzie Dripping, Amazon US and Amazon UK

• • •

Brilliant read
I read the first chapters of Shadow Across the Liffey and just had to read the rest of it. I don't have a kindle but I quickly downloaded a free application on my laptop and then bought the item on Amazon. I was totally transported into the life of the characters and could not stop reading until the very last word. Swept along with the fast moving story, I experienced a roller coaster of emotions, not daring to stop for breath. An excellent read! ~ Carol, Amazon US

• • •

Excellent read
This book is a real treat. If you like romance, thrills and an all round easy read then look no further. I chose to read this book as it is set in Dublin. I have lots of family who live there and I have fond memories of visiting there as a child. This book offers a slice of Dublin life, as well as a really well written love story,with a twist. 5 stars from me. Looking forward to more from this author. ~ Samantha Russell, Amazon UK

• • •

Love has many faces
What is it about Irish writers that makes them such good story writers? For those of us still in mourning for Maeve Binchy, here is a new Irish writer with her own way of hypnotising us away from the the daily grind with a tale of expanding love and the importance of family togetherness. Dublin, Liverpool and Leicester are the settings and for the nostalgic, the era pre-dates roll-on roll-off ferries. ~ Iphigenia d'Amagemnon, Amazon UK

• • •

Recommended Read
A really enjoyable page turner. Great characters and well researched, gets you totally submerged in the story. A Highly recommended read. ~ Padcollo, Amazon US

• • •

Classic Storytelling
I love the Irish setting of this novel, and the family relationships are written with a warmth that draws you in right from the start. The opening chapter, a dramatic and emotional one, left me turning the pages to find out how Oona will cope with her changed life. Anyone looking for a good read involving romance and suspense will find it here. Highly recommended. ~ Minskip, Amazon UK

• • •

Touching Read
This writer certainly knows how to tell a story. Oona Quinn's sad but ultimately triumphant story will touch your heart. ~ N.J. Ringrose, Amazon UK

• • •

Pacy family story of romance, intrigue and suspense,that keeps you excitedly turning the pages from beginning to end. ~ LB Buckingham, Amazon UK

• • •

A wonderful read!
A lovely debut novel that will keep you turning the pages and reaching for the tissues. Keep them coming Cathy. Well done. ~ Rosie Goodwin, Amazon UK



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