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Digital Released: June 2012
ISBN: 9781301256402
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Print Released: July 2014
ISBN: 9781910234068
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Audio Released: June 2017
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Author: Cathy Mansell
Length: Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Digital Price: $4.99
Print Price:$11.99

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Set in 1950s Ireland, twenty-year-old Sarah Nolan leaves her Dublin home after a series of arguments. She's taken a job in Cork City with The Gazette, a move her parents strongly oppose. With her limited budget, she is forced to take unsavory accommodations where the landlord can't be trusted. Soon after she settles in, Sarah befriends sixteen-year-old Lucy who has been left abandoned and pregnant.

Dan Madden is a charming and flirtatious journalist who wins Sarah's heart. He promises to end his engagement with Ruth, but can Sarah trust him to keep his word?

It's when her employer asks to see her birth certificate that Sarah discovers some long-hidden secrets. Her parents' behaviour continue to baffle her and her problems with Dan and Lucy multiply.

Will Dan stand by Sarah in her time of need? Will Sarah be able to help Lucy keep her baby? Or will the secrets destroy Sarah and everything she dreams of for her future?

Sarah glanced towards the far end of the platform as she boarded her train and wondered if her parents would appear and try to drag her back home. Being at odds with the two people she loved most in the world upset her. She hauled her suitcase into an empty compartment.

Sliding the door behind her, she lowered the window and had one last look along the empty platform. The couple she imagined were not the mother and father she had loved and understood all these years, but the man and woman they had become when she had so joyously told them her news. It was difficult for a woman to get into journalism and Sarah found it hard to believe that she’d done it. She hoisted her case onto the overhead rack, and slumped into the nearest seat.

Would they ever forgive her for going off like this? Her parents were the reason that she had stayed in Dublin so long. Then, there was her long-standing friendship with twenty-two year old Derek who worked for the Telegraph Office. He had wished her well, and had tried talking to her father. He wouldn’t listen.

The train began to move, great sobs of steam filled her ears - and her heart, too. She hauled on the leather strap to close the window against smoke and smut. Now, as, she watched the city and the countryside she loved slipping away behind her, she felt overcome with disappointment. This wasn’t how she’d imagined it would be leaving home for the very first time. To be at such odds with her parents was something she had never experienced before. Never.

A job on the Cork Gazette was a dream come true, so why were they so desperate for her to stay in Dublin? She had been shocked to the core by the speed and ferocity the row with her parents had taken, and she was left with no choice but to withdraw her savings from the post office to make this journey. She knew her insecurity and her lack of financial support was going to make it hard to carry on, but she vowed there and then to manage on a shoestring until she received her first pay packet.

Growing up, she’d had many disagreements with them, like the time she wanted to be a girl guide and they wanted her to take up Irish dancing. Thoughts of having her hair in ringlets every week had been a major factor, but she had won them over in the end. Then, when she was fifteen, she had wanted expensive high heels to go ballroom dancing with her friends.

‘Time enough for shoes like that when you’re older,’ her mother had ruled.

But this was different. She was twenty now, and journalism was what she had been trained for. Why weren’t they pleased for her?

Trying not to think about the blazing row, she reached for her handbag. Her mass of chestnut hair fell across her face as she re-read the letter from the editor, Neil Harrington. In spite of everything, a smile brightened her face. As she planned the economies she would make, the click clack of the train caused her eyelids to droop, and she fell asleep.

Top Reviews
Secrets and Lies
All the elements that make family life joyous or unhappy are found within the pages of this novel. The author keeps secrets hidden until just the right time for their reveal. The characters are compelling and the Irish nature of the narrative is a delight. ~ N.J. Ringrose, Amazon UK

• • •

Another great book!
I enjoyed Shadow across the Liffey so much that I just had to read Her Father's Daughter. Cathy has a wonderful way of making you feel that you're actually in there with the characters experiencing their emotions. Once I had started reading I couldn't stop until I got to the end. Thank you Cathy, I can't wait for the next one. ~ Carol, Amazon UK

• • •

Waiting for number three
I have really enjoyed Shadow Across the Liffey and Her Father's Daughter did not disappoint. It is deceptively easy to read (I always think that shows that the author has worked hard at her craft) and the plot carries it forward . . . A great cast of characters and a moving story. It ticks all the right boxes if you want a book for a quiet, absorbing read. I hope it isn't too long before the next Cathy Mansell appears. ~ Lizzie Dripping, Amazon UK

• • •

Easy to read, but gripping
This was the second book I've read of Cathy Mansell's, and it certainly lived up to the first. Cathy has a very simple style, which makes her books easy to read, and real page-turners. She creates very believable characters and very real situations. Set in the late 1950s, I can imagine that this will provoke a lot of nostalgia for people who were born in the 30s/40s. A really entertaining story. ~ RosieT, Amazon UK

• • •

Love a good romance
After Shadow I couldn't wait to read another Cathy Mansell novel, and this second edition didn't disappoint. A tale of romance, suspense and drama, this book will have every reader eager to turn the next page. ~ Samantha Russell, Amazon UK

• • •

Loved it
Such a nice easy read,could really feel the atmosphere and surroundings. Did'nt want to put it down,can't wait for your next one. ~ Elaine Frearson, Amazon UK

• • •

Cathy does it again!
Another superb story from Cathy Mansell. If you enjoyed her first book, Shadow Across the Liffey, you will love this new tale of intrigue, hidden truths and the outcome of one woman's journey to uncover her past so that she can secure her future happiness . . . Yet again you are drawn into the lives of the characters and the page turning nature of the story . . . Proving that she has many more stories to tell, I cannot recommend Cathy's new book highly enough. ~ Stephen, Amazon UK

• • •

best book read for awhile
A great book. really enjoyed it, It had everything a good story, romance sadness and suspension, could not put it down. ~ Dawn Hnylycia, Amazon UK

• • •

Another fantastic read from Cathy Mansell
After reading Shadows across the Liffey I was excited to read Cathy's second novel. An easy and exciting read . I couldn't put it down! Excellent ... ~ Rachel Smiles, Amazon UK

• • •

A very enjoyable read
I love books about Ireland, and having read Shadow Across the Liffey by Cathy Mansell, I was keen to read her second novel. I was not disappointed, finding it a most enjoyable read, the absorbing plot maintaining my interest throughout. Great characters and a strong feeling of romance. Recommended. ~ Minskip, Amazon UK

• • •

Another wonderful read from Cathy mansell
Her father's daughter makes the reader visualize, feel and empathise with the heroine. Cathy accurately paints a picture of strong issues connected to the 1950's Ireland . A truly thought inspiring and at times emotional story. Can't wait to read more from this author. ~ padcollo, Amazon UK

• • •

An Absolutely wonderful Read
I have read Shadow across the Liffey by Cathy Mansell, and I have now read Her Fathers Daughter, Both Wonderfully written stories I could not put my Kindle down unfortunetly I find that I am now waiting for the next Book by Cathy Mansell, she is a wonderful Story teller ~ Monica Sherry, Amazon UK

• • •

A Gripping Story
A compelling tale told with many delightfully descriptive and evocative passages. This pacey story is about the romance of an endearing young woman as she begins her career having moved from Dublin to Cork against her parents wishes. Woven around the fast moving world of newspapers and the mysteries of the Magdalene nuns who helped 'fallen women' this book is another unput-downable satisfying read from Cathy Mansell. ~ LB Buckingham, Amazon UK



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