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Released: January 2016
ISBN: 9781310169953
ASIN: B01992Z7KM
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: City Nights, #19
Author: Katey Lovell
Length: Novella
Genre: Erotic Romance
Price: $0.99

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Abbi Devine never expected Hollywood to be like this...

Leaving her small town in northern Maine for Hollywood was always going to be a gamble, but she's finally got her chance- a speaking part as a burlesque dancer in a movie starring A list actor Aaron Halliday.

However, when she's thrown off her stride and ends up in a heap on the floor, Aaron's the one to come to her rescue. There's an undeniable attraction between them which comes as a surprise to Abbi, who has sworn off men following a bad experience.

Is Aaron really the unfeeling playboy the press make him out to be? And can Abbi let go of her past to enjoy her present?

Hot tears of shame filled her eyes before snaking down her cheeks, embarrassingly obvious under the harsh lighting of the set.

“Cut,” the director called irritably, followed by an annoyed sigh.

Abbi wished the floor would swallow her up. At least that would be a distraction from the situation she was in now, naked but for the tassels, a sequin-embossed thong and the shoes she could no longer bear to look at. The over-the-top headdress lay on the ground beside her.

“Here. Hold on to me.”

The voice came from nowhere, rich and warm, and Abbi gladly reached out to clasp the hand that was being offered her. The palm was large, smothering hers tightly as its owner effortlessly hoisted her back onto her feet. With the stupidly tall heels she was now the same height as the man, their eyes level.

And what a man he was. His dark blonde hair was brushed off his face into a sleek and deliberate peak, emphasising the faint crinkles which marked his forehead, and his light brown eyes were sprinkled with flecks of gold. His face was ruggedly attractive, and although he probably wasn’t much over thirty, there was an appealing maturity in his look; as though a hint of wisdom was hidden away. All this was offset by a cheeky, impish grin. There was no denying he was incredibly handsome. Then there were his clothes, smart and well cut, which encased his perfect body. Tanned skin, defined muscles.

He was striking. Perfect.

And as recognition crashed into her like a double decker bus at speed, Abbi realised who it was.

Aaron Halliday.

The Aaron Halliday.

Global movie star, household name.

The leading man in this motion picture.

Abbi couldn’t stop the blood rushing to her tearstained cheeks. She was standing, almost butt-naked, in front of one of the biggest names in the industry.


“Are you okay?” he asked, concerned. “That was quite a spectacular fall you took there.”

Abbi looked at the floor, her gaze resting on the stupidly tall heels that had betrayed her. “Oh, erm…yeah. I’m fine, honestly. Nothing’s broken. I’m just mortified to have made such an idiot of myself in front of everyone.”

As she looked up, Aaron ran his hands through his hair.

Top Reviews
A story with warmth, tenderness and a heart
Hot, steamy and pretty graphic it might be - and that side of it is very well done - but this is essentially a love story, not just a story of lust. Abbi is immediately likeable - funny, down-to-earth and normal - and I really liked the scene where she falls for the gorgeous Aaron (in more ways than one) while trying to film a scene as a burlesque dancer. Aaron has a bad reputation, but we get to see beyond that - and I really liked what I saw. The experience that put her off men is well described, and very real - and I was delighted when Aaron turned out to have rather more about him than looks and body to die for and a way with his hands. When reviewing the Meet Cute stories, I mentioned that Katey has a real talent for drawing her characters in a few deft strokes. She does it again here - with the restaurant owner, with the wardrobe lady who makes sure Abbi is suitably dressed for her night on the town with a star. There are great descriptions of the settings too - I know this is a genre where the decor is probably often incidental, but Aaron's hotel suite was described in wonderful detail, as was the trailer, and the restaurant and its surroundings. She also has a real talent for dialogue - here we have a girl from Maine meeting a Hollywood superstar written by a Yorkshire girl, but there's absolutely nothing about it that doesn't feel right. And I really, really liked the fact that it was a love story - I probably wouldn't have liked it quite as much had it only been bedroom athletics. This is a story with warmth, tenderness and a heart, and I really enjoyed it. ~ Welsh Annie, Amazon

• • •

Hot & Steamy, and oozing in sexual chemistry
It may be slightly odd to be completely jealous of a fictional character, but I can't believe Abbi Devine managed to attract the gorgeous sex god of Aaron Halliday. Even though I wasn't in the book I wish I was, as Aaron just oozes sex appeal. The amount of chemistry between Abbi and Aaron is evident from their first meeting, after the funniest moment of the book. From the second they meet you can feel the sexual tension, and the intimate scenes really do get your heart racing. This is the second book I have read by Katey Lovell, and they are both quite different. This one is a lot racier than her Meet Cute series, but what I can tell between the two books is that she is a new and talented at creating romantic situations, and really cares about having characters have the romance they deserve in their lives. One Night in Los Angeles is a steamy, pleasurable short novella, that I really enjoyed. ~ Gilbster, Amazon



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