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Abbey MacMunn writes paranormal and fantasy romances. She lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband and their four children.

When she’s not writing, she likes to watch films and TV shows – anything from rom-coms to superheroes to science fiction movies.

She is a proud member of the Romantic Novelists' Assocation.

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Dating a Vampire, #1

When witch Harper Clarke, owner of Love Bites: A Dating Agency for Paranormals, can’t find a match for her latest vampire client, Damon Vertefeuille, she agrees to date him herself. But one look at his witchy date and he has a sudden desire to sink his fangs into her. Thing is, she wants it. When Damon’s brother threatens to tear them apart, the lines blur between loyalty, love, and dark desires.

Dating a Werewolf, #2

Alpha werewolf, Grayson Beckett, thinks money can buy anything—including a wife. But when he joins Love Bites, finding a mate proves harder than he thought. Dating agency coach, Jamie Osborne, reluctantly agrees to go on the date. Tensions run high, but things go better than expected when Grayson turns out to be a doting dad with a tragic past. But can the alpha win her trust and melt her heart?

Dating a Dragon, #3

Cursed by a jealous sorceress, fire dragon Phoenix has spent centuries searching for his soulmate. Amnesiac Kat Foster longs to learn her true identity but afraid of what she'll find. While looking for her runaway dog, Kat sees a naked man hiding in a bush. Inexplicable flashbacks of her previous lives begin to make her think they may have met before. The sorceress hellbent on keeping them apart.

Dating an Angel, #4

Hapless Evie Thomas died. But it’s all good because now she’s training to be an angel. There are only two snags—her teacher’s a hottie, and eternity is a long time to be alone. Stubborn angel Caleb Pearce has his work cut out teaching free-spirited Evie. It doesn't help that his friends keep insisting he’s in love with her. To prove them wrong, he joins Love Bites: A Dating Agency for Paranormals.

Dating a Mermaid, #5

When mermaid Zarya finds a rare and confused merman, she knows he'd be quite a catch if she hadn’t sworn off dating one of her kind. For Taran, being rescued by a naked goddess is both humiliating and sexy as hell. Despite his reluctance to believe she's a mermaid and that he's a merman, their attraction soon becomes something magical. Faced with their obstacles, will their love weather the storm?

Dating an Elf, #6

Paige wants it all: love, marriage…everything. It’s going to take someone pretty special to take her on. Polar bear shifter, Ben, swore off women after his fiancée cheated on him… until a sassy elf catches him shifting in Santa’s grotto. With a friend intent on driving a wedge between them, and a series of unfortunate events, is Fate trying to force them apart, or guide them towards their destiny?

Dating a She-Wolf, #7

Kelsey Adams just wanted a bit of fun. When her date goes badly, lone wolf Tyler Knight comes to her rescue. Tyler didn’t ask to become a werewolf and vows to find a cure. When Kelsey offers to help Tyler, fiery chemistry sparks. But Savannah threatens a pack war if Tyler doesn’t become her mate. Will he find the cure and risk losing Kelsey or embrace his wolf and start a pack war?

Violet Souls, #1

Bree Mills discovers a subculture of aliens with supernatural abilities living on Earth. And she’s one of them. Quinn Taylor, the 324-year-old Evoxian, knows his destiny is tied with hers. Before he can declare his love, she must sense the Akui, a mysterious force tied to ancient Evoxian law. When she’s kidnapped, will Quinn still love her when she’s faced with protecting her half-human daughter?

Violet Spirit, #2

Ever since Lexie Mills learned she was half human, half alien, her life has been far from ordinary. Evoxian shapeshifter, Drew Morgan, longs to tell Lexie he’s her destined soulmate, but she must first embrace her heritage. As their friendship blossoms into something magical, Lexie uncovers a heart-breaking truth about Drew and must make a choice—Accept her destiny with him or decide her own Fate.

One Night in Kuala Lumpur
City Nights, #31

Successful artist, Ziva Clarke, visits Kuala Lumpur as her creativity has been uninspired. Exotic Malaysia is just what she needs. Sam Tempest is visiting on business. Duty bound to join his family’s business, he longs to follow his true passion—wood sculpting. A chance meeting leads to a night of confessions and steamy sex. Can one night of passion be the answer to both of their dreams?


Cami Wilson is the revered offspring of an immortal mother and a mortal father. The title comes with her very own super-sexy guardian—jaded immortal Joseph Carlisle. Chemistry sizzles but there’s a problem—the hybrid's curse. Cami’s touch proves near fatal to her and all immortals, Joseph included. But her curse is the least of their concerns when deadly betrayal threatens to tear them apart.



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