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Winter Austin perpetually answers the question: “were you born in the winter?” with a flat “nope,” but believe her, there is a story behind her name.

A lifelong Mid-West gal with strong ties to the agriculture world, Winter grew up listening to the captivating stories told by relatives around a table or a campfire. As a published author, she learned her glass half-empty personality makes for a perfect suspense/thriller writer. Taking her ability to verbally spin a vivid and detailed story, Winter translated that into writing deadly romantic suspense, mysteries, and thrillers.

When she’s not slaving away at the computer, you can find Winter supporting her daughter in cattle shows, seeing her three sons off into the wide-wide world, loving on her fur babies, prodding her teacher husband, and nagging at her flock of hens to stay in the coop or the dogs will get them.

She is the author of ten novels, with more on the way.

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Mockingbird's Cry, #1

Find the Mockingbird or more will die, the message left behind at a mass-murder for ex-Delta Force operative, Det. Lincoln Sullivan. The Mockingbird, Jo Caruso, had been an agent for Hera Force, destroyed by a killer known as the Chessmaster. Now Jo's teammates are in danger and the ex-lovers are forced back together to take down the killer. When the killer strikes, Jo is faced with a hard choice.

Phoenix's Ascent, #2

Ex-SAS operative Mitch Edwards has been on the run since he was framed for treason. Reinstated Hera Force agent, Nadia Roth, codenamed Phoenix, has no memory of Mitch or of their affair. Mitch partners up with Hera to find those wanting to kill him. Is there a traitor among them? Will Nadia ever remember the man she once loved, or will they perish with the secret between them?




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