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Submissions are open!

Please be sure to read through our guidelines carefully before submitting,
as all submissions that don't adhere to our requests will be deleted.

*Also, do not use this page for standard submissions. Those submissions will be deleted without review.*

For additional information, please see our standard guidelines and our FAQs.


** Read other books in the series to see what we're looking for. Then . . .

Pick a city somewhere in the world that hasn't been taken. If you wish to hold a city, we will do so on receiving your initial submission, see below.

• Write a contemporary or historical erotic romance that takes place within a 24 hour time frame.

• Novella length only - your manuscript should be 25-30K. If you anrticipate the story going a little over 35K, please contact us.



Do not write the full story before submitting.

To submit: Write the first 5K words (or to end of scene), then send it to us with your full, detailed synopsis, which includes the end of the story.

If we like what we see, we'll offer you a *promisory* -- That is, we'll hold the city and ask you to complete the full story within 60 days, and providing the final manuscript is as good as the submission, then a contract could be forthcoming.

Follow the rest of the standard submission guidelines.

All stories must be contemporary erotic romance -- not erotica and not traditional romance. No 'f**k stories' and no sweet romance.

YES -- Aim for a 50-50 guideline: 50% character and plot development and 50% intimacy. We're looking for great contemporary romance stories with the ramped-up sex. We want a 4 heat factor. Hot with a lot of intimacy and sexual completion by the end of the story; some language OK; some kink OK; toys OK; nipping OK but no blood or skin welts; indoor or outdoor sex OK. . . if you're unsure, ask!

YES -- Good character development, good plot, strong author voice, forever love and an HEA not required, but the story must end with characters happy witht he interaction and HFN is required (happy for now) . . . think romance with more of sex.

YES -- A sense of place. Remember, your story is set in a specific city. Along with the above, we need to see the city in the story.

NO -- Heavy BDSM (no punching/hitting/slapping, no welts, no blood, no extreme pain, etc) . . . if you're unsure, ask. Please refer to our general no-nos on our standard submission guidelines--NO: pedophilia, bestiality, incest, rape, necrophilia, urolagnia, erotic asphyxiation, race/gender intolerance, etc. You get the drift.

• Each book title will begin One Night In . . . example: One Night in Boise, One Night in Paris, One Night in Rome, etc.

• We are currently publishing one book per month.

• Note -- This is an ongoing series. Treat this submission like a standard submission but under these guidelines.


How shall I format my submission?

Please follow these guidelines.
Any submission which is not received as requested
will be deleted without reply:
File Name: Book Title by Author Name.doc or rtf

* We only accept Word doc or rtf files. Do not send PDF files or other formats or they will be deleted

Manuscript: We only want the first 5K words (to end of scene). Must be in 'ready to go' condition, ie no first/rough drafts.

Format your manuscript to standard default settings:

Page size: 8.5x11 or A4
Font: TNR or Arial, 12 pt
Paragraphing: Use 'auto-indent', please do not tab new paragraphs!
Line Spacing: Double

• Please be sure your attachment has your contact details on a covering page and each subsequent page has the book title, author name and page number in the header.

Synopsis: Please follow the above guidelines.

File Name: Synopsis for Book Title by Author Name. doc or rtf

What programs will I need to know if offered a contract?

We strictly work with Microsoft Word. Within this program is a feature called Track Changes. If you do not know how this works, learn it now. Whether we contract you or another house, you will need to know how to use this features during the editing process of your book.

If you have questions about your submission, contracts, publication, cover art, etc., please see our FAQS.

*Also, do not use this page for standard submissions. Those submissions will be deleted without review.*



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