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Digital Released: August 2017
ISBN: 9781370240142
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Author: Carol Warham
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $2.99

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A few days before the New Year, Carly Mitchell returns home to the small town on the Yorkshire moors. Her intention for the short visit is to make her apologies and offer an explanation for her action. A year earlier, she fled, leaving her bridegroom and friends bewildered.

She’s met with mixed reactions, ranging from curiosity to open hostility. However, when an emergency arises, Carly agrees to change her plans and stay a little longer. Falling in love with the new local doctor, Ben Thornton, was not part of her original plan either. Especially when it appears his past is shrouded in mystery.

Complications and tensions increase during the town’s New Year celebrations and she begins to doubt whether she has done the right thing by coming home.

Can she find the resolution she needs to overcome the challenges facing her, or will she run away again?

The large, dimly lit sign appeared momentarily through the driving rain.


Carly Mitchell pulled her car over to the grass verge at the side of the road. Indecision gripped her as her heart hammered against her ribs. Did she drive on into the town, back to the place where she believed she was hated, or should she drive straight through and not stop?

Darkness shrouded the long road across the bleak moors. A thick swirling mist was broken only by the beam of her car’s headlamps. The windscreen wipers were the only thing which moved, as if bored, by the effort of clearing the rain. She stared at the sign until the glare of oncoming headlights made her blink and bite her lip. This was her decision, her choice. Could she do this? She nodded to herself. She knew she could now. Twelve months ago, she’d have been in pieces at the thought of what she intended to do, but not now. She had changed, grown up, learned to stand on her own two feet. The old Carly Mitchell wouldn’t have dared make any decision like this, for fear of upsetting someone. But her life had changed for the better, and so had she.

Taking a deep breath, she slowed down her heartbeat and controlled her shaking hands. A few minutes to recover her equilibrium were all she needed. She would do what she had come to do, and then leave. After that people could say and think what they wanted. She wouldn’t care.

It was past midnight when she drove into the quiet town. The wet road glistened under the street lights. Driving down the empty streets of the old Yorkshire mill town, her stomach churned. How well she knew all of these buildings.

A large Victorian mill loomed up before her. The grey stone walls and rows of neat windows were highlighted by the street lamps. It almost resembled a barricade, another warning. Slowing down to look at the building, she smiled at her own foolishness. You’d never know that inside were some charming tourist and gift shops and a little tea shop. She drove over a stone bridge where the road crossed a small river. In the dark, she could hear the water as it babbled and gurgled over the boulders that lined its path.

Would she ever be able to walk through this town and receive a warm welcome? What sort of greeting would anyone give her now? What sort of greeting did she deserve? Yeardon had been a wonderful place to grow up. It was one of those towns where you knew everyone, and they knew you.

Her mind a maelstrom of anxiety, she tightened her grip on the steering wheel. Who would have believed anyone’s hands could shake so much?

Reaching the far side of the town, she turned into a drive, which led down a short, narrow lane to a hotel, a converted mill owner’s house. After finding a space in the car park, she switched off the engine, but remained in the car for a few minutes. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes.

The drumming of the rain on the roof was not reassuring. The weather seemed to be giving a further warning to leave now, while she could. She peered through the rain- splattered screen at the sign above the front door. In copper plate script, it read Resolution Hotel. The building looked well-kept and fresh. Business must be going well for Jim and Abi.

“Well, here goes.”

Top Reviews
This book was just the perfect reading choice for the time of year – because of the focus on the New Year celebrations, but also because it was such an absolute joy to read. The story is excellent . . . The setting is beautifully drawn – the small Yorkshire community surrounded by the wildness of the moors – and I really liked the characters, major and minor, all involved in each others’ lives. I enjoyed the hotel backdrop, nicely detailed, and the excitement of the preparations for the New Year celebrations. I liked Carly too – everything she’d been through, her personal kindness in stepping forward to help . . . Ben’s back story was good, and believable – and there were a small number of less likeable characters who were very well portrayed . . . The writing flows very nicely, with a light touch that makes it a pleasure to read, a real warmth in the story-telling, easy to pick up and put down, but with plenty of twists and turns to keep your interest, and enough depth in the character development to make the whole story really engaging. I really enjoyed this one – a breath of fresh air, and a debut novelist I’ll look forward to reading again. ~ Welsh Annie, Amazon

• • •

Resolutions is a story that is filled with emotions and it was very easy to read. I found myself turning the pages, rooting for Carly and hoping things would work out in the end. I would definitely recommend Resolutions, it’s a real feel good kind of story, although I did feel anger, frustration and upset while reading I also felt warm and cosy too. A complete mixture of emotions and with a story that flows wonderfully, this was a perfect winter warmer. ~ Dee-Cee, Amazon

• • •

RESOLUTIONS by Carol Warham is an emotional and engrossing story about love, hurt, and finding your inner strength. ~ Books of All Kinds, Amazon



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