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Cover of The Trouble With Surfers by Kristi Ahlers
Released: May 2014
ISBN: 9781310893759
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: The Trouble Series, #10
Author: Kristi Ahlers
Length: Novelette
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $1.99

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Sophia Drake is a prosecutor who works way too hard and has lost the ability to have fun. When she has finally decided she needs a break and needs to live a little she doesn’t think twice, flies to Hawai’i. When she meets surf instructor Brandon Joffery and he talks her into lessons, she knows there is going to be no way she can focus on keeping upright on a board when the surfer is too amazing and yummy for words. This trip is going to go on the record books. And paradise might just offer more than relaxation. She might just learn to love and live.

Brandon Joffery has left the hustle and bustle of NYC behind and is living the dream in Hawai’i teaching the tourist to surf and enjoy life. When he spots pretty Sophia bobbing on the water looking totally lost and then learning she has no idea how to surf he offers her free lessons. She’s clearly scared to death of not only learning how to surf but also afraid of life and for the first time in his life he wants to protect a woman and get to know her. She’s quirky and funny and perfect. Maybe he will be able to talk her into surfing more than just waves, maybe he’ll be able to talk her into taking a chance on him.

“Please don’t let there be sharks in the water.” Sophie Drake looked around as she bobbed in the Pacific while straddling a surf board and trying to spy the approach of a dorsal fin.

Something brushed up against the bottom of her foot and she squealed and tried to yank her foot out of the water, but instead started to wobble back and forth on the board.

“Oh, please don’t be a shark.”

“So are you going to just sit here and bob for the rest of the afternoon or do you plan on riding some of these waves? You’re really missing out.”

Sophie turned her head and placed a hand over her eyes to shade them so she could see the guy beside her. Her eyes settled on cut abs she only thought possible after some severe Photoshop touch ups and she swallowed, trying to wet her overly dry mouth. He was every hot Hollywood guy rolled into one smoking specimen of male perfection. She mentally gave her head a shake. Yeah, she really needed to give up reading the romance novel she’d picked up at the airport on a whim; she was now waxing poetic about strangers when she really needed to worry about getting back to dry land.

Preferably before she became lunch for a cranky and hungry shark.

“Ah…” Sophie jerked again as something else brushed her foot.

“There have been some really great sets you’ve missed while you’ve been…doing whatever it is you’ve been doing.”

Something else brushed against her leg, and she shuddered while trying to swallow the scream building in the back of her throat. At the same time she curved her mouth into what she hoped was an “I’ve got this” smile.

“You sure are a twitchy little thing.” Her companion smiled. “So first time surfing Hawaiian waves?”

“Yeah, more like first time surfing period.” Sophie waved her hand toward the beach. “My surf instructor had to go do something…”

“And left you alone out here by yourself?”

“It would appear so.” Sophie kept scanning the water for the apex predator she just knew was lurking in the depths ready to gobble her up whole.

“What are you looking for?”

Sophie sighed. “Well, if you must know, sharks. I’m looking for sharks.”

The guy beside her cocked a brow and rubbed his hand over his mouth. “Ah, I see. As in you’re looking for them to…study for some scientific purpose maybe?”

Sophie frowned. “No, more like so I can avoid becoming their lunch. Duh.”

The stranger tipped his head back and let loose a laugh that was both sexy as hell and insulting. No woman wanted a man who looked like he did laughing at them.

“What’s so funny? Do you not watch Shark Week?”

“No, I can’t say that I’ve tuned into Shark Week. So the buggers get a whole week of television all to themselves huh?”

“Yes, it’s very informative and I would think someone like you would want to be aware of the dangers found in these waters.”

“Darlin’, there is danger just walking down the street.”

Top Reviews
Like the nine Trouble books before Surfers, this story is full of giggles and sighs, as the reader follows this couple from the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean into the deeper waters of love. Typical of Kristi's writing, readers will be pulled by emotions as they read. Her wonderful voice carries through from previous books in the series to this story. Kristi's ability to bring her characters to life will leave readers feeling as if they're leaving friends behind when they turn the final page. And I'm betting Kristi's ability with setting will also have people ringing their travel agents to book flights to the islands. The Trouble with Surfers is a great story and a wonderful addition to a stellar series. The trouble I find is that the stories just aren't long enough, but we know Kristi has a few more up her sleeve. Watch this space next month! ~ Heart of Fiction



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