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The Cycles Turn
The Kyklos Trilogy, #1
David Toft

A cat has been crucified in the chapel at Dunsmore School for Boys. Headmaster Augustus Braithwaite is suddenly plunged into a world where witches and demons live. A world where a magical cycle is about to turn. With his closest allies, Augustus travels from Dunsmore in England across the sea to Ireland to the remote western island of Inishbofin to confront the evil that waits there.

High Plains Lazarus
KA Laity

Dead folk are just about the last thing you want to see while wandering through the deserts of the great wild West. Things get a whole lot worse if they're not the lying down kind of dead but the *running around trying to take a bite out of you* sort. Whatever's got the corpses jumping is bound to spell a bad day for anyone unlucky enough to ride into town.

Leading the Pack
Silver Nights Trilogy, #2
David J. O'Brien

Alphas aren't elected; they're self-selected: Patrick is the eldest of Paul McHew’s four children and feels the full moon’s pull earlier than his father had. He must make the city streets his own as the eldest of a new generation. If he’s going to become their leader, he must learn to control his impulses. Encountering a potential mate and facing a definite rival, can Patrick be the alpha everyone expects?

Leaving the Pack
Silver Nights Trilogy, #1
David J. O'Brien

Nobody believes in werewolves. That's just what Paul McHew and his friends are counting on. They roam city streets, living among us invisibly after centuries of persecution. Now at the point of extinction,their existence must remain restricted to mere stories and legend, but, paradoxically, they also must mate outside their society in order to survive.

Let There Be Light
The Kyklos Trilogy, #3
David Toft

Augustus and Sharna wake on different worlds. Once again they have failed. Edward Braine still lives. Both can feel his malignant presence. Growing into his new body, Edward rebuilds his reserves of pain and despair, masses an army, and prepares once again to confront his enemy. Augustus has one last chance. If he fails to destroy Edward this time, Edward will inherit the whole of creation, and Augustus and Sharna will be lost forever.

Unleashing the Pack
Silver Nights Trilogy, #3
David J. O'Brien

One man's monster is another man's role model—Patrick has lead his werewolf pack for five years, but he's ready to hand the leash to the next in line. But a new challenge confronts the pack when an organised Eastern European crime gang recognise them as survivors of their old foes from the Carpathians. Can Patrick protect his pack without drawing police attention, or bring destruction upon them?

Worlds End
The Kyklos Trilogy, #2
David Toft

It is nineteen years since Augustus and Sharna’s victory over Edward Braine’s coven on Inishbofin. Across England the renewal cycles of other covens should be under way, but Augustus and Sharna have not been summoned to thwart their expansion. Alrik, their nineteen-year-old son, is missing again. A brutal serial killer leaves a gruesome trail of mutilated girls across Ireland.



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