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Released: August 2013
ISBN: 9781301038794
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: A Matt Costello Mystery, #1
Author: Brid Wade
Length: Novel
Genre: Mystery
Price: $2.99

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When the remains of a woman are found in Drohola Woods, ex-Garda detective, Matt Costello, is called in by the estate owner to help with the investigation. Clues lead Matt down a twisting path to a more gruesome discovery -- the woman is one of ten who disappeared ten years ago. And now, fresh bodies are turning up.

A quaintly rural town — little more than a wide main street flanked by stone cottages and sagging two-storey buildings — Kilbeg was a hive of activity. Situated twelve miles from Kilkenny, it was home to a peaceful, contented community, most of whom still preferred to listen to local radio than tune into the Godless outpourings from commercial stations. Today they went about their business with increasing curiosity about the influx of police and media to the town.

The grapevine had been busy, and the consensus held that whatever had happened in Drohola Wood had its origins way beyond the boundaries of their town. Amid the invasion of cars and trucks, a dusty black Mercedes drew little attention as it drove slowly along the main street and parked outside the only hotel. A moment later, the driver emerged, opened the back door and retrieved an overnight bag, which he hitched over his shoulder as he mounted the steps and entered the Kilbeg Arms to meet with Sgt. Peter Conlon from Thomastown Garda Station.

“Matt!” The waiting Sergeant greeted him with a smile, extending a hand in welcome as he approached the reception desk. He wore the full navy uniform of the Force, with his peaked hat tucked under his arm. “It’s been a while. How are you?”

“Pullin’ the divil like everyone else,” Matt returned with a smile and a vigorous handshake, dropping the leather valise to the ground beside him. “It’s good to see you. I appreciate you taking the time to meet me.”

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how the last Casanova is holding up after all these years,” he said jokily. “You broke a few hearts down here, you know.”

“Not intentionally,” Matt returned. “I was young and innocent back then.”

“Young, maybe. Innocent, never!” Pete countered. “What’s your involvement here?” His eyes narrowed and a frown of curiosity gathered.

“My client, a Dublin solicitor, represents the estate owners,” he explained. “They’re worried about possible legal implications surrounding the discovery. That’s the official line. Truthfully, I know nothing more than what the news bulletins are giving out. Can you fill me in?”

The Sergeant considered the man before him: an ex-Garda detective, former work colleague and friend, but there was a policy of silence, as always, in developing cases. “You know the drill as well as I do, Matt,” he told him.

“Yes, I do,” Matt replied with a smile, “and I also know you’ll be sharing the best bits over a dram with your favourite innkeeper tonight. So come on, Pete, give.”

Glancing warily around him, the Sergeant moved closer and lowered his voice. “There’s not much to add to the official reports,” he said. “This Butler kid went missing yesterday evening. A couple of his friends had been with him in the late afternoon after school, but when they left to go home, young Butler decided he wanted to stay. He does it often, but when he didn’t turn up by eight o’clock his grandmother got worried and called us. We spoke to the gamekeeper — an old gent called Fowler — who told us that the last he’d seen of the boy was when he shouted to him and he took off into a section of the woods that’s a private part of the estate. He decided to leave him to find his way out rather than go after him, because he knew the lad was already frightened and he had little hope of catching him. We gathered a search party and went looking.

“Honestly, Matt,” he went on, “without lights in there you wouldn’t be able to see a hand in front of your face. We didn’t locate him until after ten and it was by pure chance. It looked like he’d tripped and fallen into a hole. He was out for the count and when we lifted him, we spotted bones. It turned out to be a sunken grave. An ambulance took him to hospital to be checked out. Other than a few scratches and bruises, he seems to be alright, but they’re keeping him under observation for a few days.”

“Any idea how old the grave is?” Matt asked.

“Forensics think somewhere around twelve to fifteen years, but it’s an early estimate. They’re still in there gathering evidence.”

“Male or female?”

“Female — young, somewhere between eighteen and thirty.”

Matt shook his head in sadness and sighed. “Any missing persons on your books that might fit?”

“Sorry, that’s as much as I can tell you,” the Sergeant said firmly.

“Thanks, Pete,” he replied acceptingly. “I owe you one.

Top Reviews
You won't be disappointed! I had trouble putting this crime mystery down. The writing was so vivid that I got lost in Ireland, and in the twists and turns of the plot. Can't wait to read the next book in this series! ~ Virginia Hunt, Amazon

• • •

Fantastic read, would highly recommend
Excellent read, couldn't put it down, enthralling from start to the very end. Brilliant. ~ Bridie Travers, Amazon

• • •

Full of mystery and unexpected plot twists!
There were several plot twists that will come up and broadside the reader. It is always refreshing to find a novel that keeps the reader guessing from one chapter to the next. It is a fairly fast read, but readers, there is already a second Matt Costello novel available. Brid Wade is quite entertaining and there is never a dull moment in her writing. ~ Belinda Wilson, Amazon

• • •

Gripping and detailed
The narrative is immersive. It's like I was drawn into the book and walked the streets of Ireland with Matt Costello . . . The story line flows beautifully and the characters are believable as your day to day people living in a small town . . . I thoroughly enjoyed this booked but my only complaint is that I read it too quickly, so I will require more books. My question to the author is: 'where is the next book as I'm hooked!' Such a good and refreshing read! ~ Graham Wade, Amazon

• • •

It was a good read and kept me guessing all the way til the end. Not something that usually happens with a crime writer. Having some knowledge of the locations was great and for once an Irish writer that didn't ramp up the Oirishness. I'd highly recommend it. ~ Cailin, Amazon

• • •

Do you love Ireland? Do you love mysteries? Do you love Irish mysteries? You all will want to sit up for this . . . Ireland is in need of a great private detective. A hard hitting, takes-no-guff guy who will get the job done. A guy not afraid to ask the tough questions and get the answers. A guy who will go the extra mile to solve a case. And a guy, for as tough as he is on the outside, has a tender side when it comes to those he loves . . . Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ex-police detective turned private detective, Matt Costello . . . This story has lots of twists and turns as the action takes you from page to page. For anyone with a love of Ireland and a taste for great crime fiction, Watchers is one to try. ~ Heart of Fiction

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a great book
Matt Costello is a delightful detective, so kind and human, a pleasure to know ! Marry this to a fascinating story and this book is a 'must read'. I am so looking forward to Brid Wade's next book! ~ Mr. J.A. Hickey, Amazon



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