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Released: June 2015
ISBN: 9781310398810
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: Saucy Girls, #3
Author: Joanne Sexton
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $3.99

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Isabelle Winters is a single mother who doesn't easily trust men, not after her father ran out on her and her mother when she was a child. She models in order to look after her son, Jesse, hoping to save enough to finish her degree.

Enter Mitchell Montgomery, sexy, playboy photographer, with a reputation as a womaniser, a man like to her absent father.

As the camera clicks, so too does attraction, and sparks fly.

Another watches from behind a lens, and threatens their growing bond, until threat is made terrible reality.


Twenty minutes later, Mitch raced in. Fortunately he had two excellent assistants and they had already set up the lights, equipment required and props for the set. Lucky he had the forethought to drop off his gear the previous day.

The fragrance they were shooting for was called Seduction, and Mitch’s objective was to have Isabelle looking just that, seductive, without overdoing it. Classy and sexy was the brief.

With light meter in hand, he concentrated on ensuring everything would be ready for the arrival of his model. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a tall, black-haired woman walking onto the set. His gaze shifted so he could obtain a better look and he decided she wasn’t walking, she was gliding. She possessed the grace of someone confident in her own skin.

The stylist had dressed her in a dusky-pink, silk gown that covered her toned body to just above the knee. Without his usual nonchalance, Mitch stood frozen as her long legs brought her towards him. As he watched her approach, he decided it wasn’t confidence in her stride, but something more unassuming. Most models entered the room with a diva attitude. She, on the other hand, carried herself with a different air, one he couldn’t put his finger on. Mitch was staring, yet could not drag his gaze from her face.

When she got closer he noticed high cheekbones, silky olive skin and eyes that almost glowed. As he tried to determine colour, blue or green, she stopped in front of him and stuck out her hand.

Her soft, melodic voice caused Mitch’s heart to leap and then pound like a jackhammer. His feet became rooted to the spot for endless seconds while he stared like an idiot. Say something, do something, he urged himself. With miniscule control over his flooded senses, he planted what he hoped was a laid-back smile on his face.

“Please, call me Mitch. It’s nice to meet you, Isabelle.”

“Are you ready to start?” she asked in a cool tone, taking him aback.

What was that about? “Um, yeah.”

All of a sudden he felt out of his element and all words became lost in his mind or wouldn’t reach his dry mouth. This reaction astonished him and only served to make forming words even more difficult. Somehow he forced his tongue-tied mouth to continue.

“I thought maybe we could start with you on the seat.”

With reluctance, he turned towards his camera. Mitch wanted to take in more of her, to find out why she looked at him now as though he had a contagious disease.

She turned away and he watched her walk over to the seat, lie down on her side and rest her head on outstretched arms. The sultry expression she aimed straight down the camera made his heart lurch again. Not only did she know what to do without direction, nailing the brief, she also stole his breath. For the first time since he was a teenager, his palms grew sweaty and instant desire swarmed through his veins.

Top Reviews
Joanne Sexton writes with a very readable, easy flow and it draws you swiftly in to discover a story of the complications of the heart. Add to that dangers in the background, and you simply must find out what happens in the end. ~ Elaina J Davidson, Goodreads



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