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Sam Poling has been writing fantasy and science fiction for the thrill of it his entire life, from short stories to screenplays. His love for each of the subgenres led to dedication to writing genre-skirting fiction with all the elements that make up the human condition. He holds a strong enthusiasm for medical studies and currently works as a medical assistant in a large clinic while taking classing for nursing. He also serves on a health and safety committee, including disaster preparedness and infection control. His interest in epidemiology and medical science tends to spill over into his writing endeavors.

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The Part That Doesn't Burn, #1

In an overpopulated city-state where technology and magic are forbidden by the corrupt church, young witch, Mirabel Fairfax, plots the creation of a deadly plague to cull the burdensome rabble. When she falls in love with the very alchemist she has been deceiving, she must decide what she's fighting for before she loses everything to the evils of Autumnfall.

Goetia, #2

Mirabel finds herself in the crosshairs with vengeful highwaymen and turns to magic to restore order. But it becomes unreliable, and when the highwaymen ally with a Goetia, her hallucinations worsen. Husband, Felix, is kidnapped and forced to turn against Mirabel. Whatever she has locked away hunts indiscriminately. If it gets out, plagues and highwaymen won’t be their problem any longer.




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