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Released: October 2014
ISBN: 9781311269966
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Author: Brendan Gerad O'Brien
Length: Novel
Genre: Alternative Historical Fiction
Price: $2.99

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Germany invades mainland Britain. Stormtroopers swarm ashore along the South Wales beaches, determined to capture the Welsh Steelworks and Coal Mines.

Newport is blitzed. Irishman Danny O’Shea’s house is bombed and his wife is killed. His young son Adam has learning difficulties. Terrified of what the Nazis will do to him, O’Shea tries to take him to neutral Ireland.

Penniless and desperate, they head for Fishguard. But on an isolated Welsh road they witness an attack on a German convoy by some Welsh Nationalists. The convoy was carrying some mysterious boxes that had been discovered in a secret laboratory near Brecon.

German Captain Eric Weiss, responsible for the boxes safe transfer to Berlin, knows that his job, even his life, depends on getting them back.

But, following a major disagreement amongst the Welsh insurgents, the boxes disappear. Then O’Shea goes to the aid of a dying woman - and both the Germans and the insurgents believe she’s told him where the boxes are.

Suddenly O’Shea is separated from his son and catapulted into a world of betrayal and brutal double-cross. Pursued by both the Germans and the insurgents, his only concern is to find Adam and get him to safety.

‘Did you hear the latest rumour, Danny?’ he asked. His eyes were disturbed, wide and anxious, as they darted from O’Shea to the newspaper and back to O’Shea again.

‘Do you mean about …’ O’Shea felt his throat tighten as he struggled to find the words. He really didn’t want to think about it, but at the same time he desperately wanted to know what was really going on. Leaning over, he rubbed a hole in the condensation on the steamed up window. Outside, the lights from the tram flickered on the curtain of rain that came in waves along the pavement. ‘I heard something on the wireless before I came out about him being …you know?’ he eventually managed to say. ‘But I’m not sure what I believe on the radio anymore.’

‘Well, there’s nothing in the paper about it.’ Elwyn rattled the wet pages as he tried to separate them but they only stuck together more and started to tear. ‘They’d have to put in the papers, wouldn’t they? What d’you think, Danny? Wouldn’t they have to put it in the papers if there was any truth in it? Or do you think it’s just another pack of lies from that lunatic Lord what’s-his-name? D’you think it’s just another one of his tricks to upset us, like? Make us panic?’

O’Shea gave a furtive look around at the other passengers. The tram was full as usual and the steam from their wet clothes misted up the windows.

He recognised most of the men. Practically all of them worked down in the dockyards. The few women on board were heading for the nice warm tax office. It was obvious from the way they held their hands tightly across their bodies that they’d heard the rumour too. So they’d be only too aware of the dreadful consequences if it turned out to be true. But nobody spoke. Today there was no idle chatter, no swapping gossip behind gloved hands. Everyone felt the tension that hung like a fine mist in the air, so they just sat there in silence and looked out of the windows, their faces blank and their mouths drawn into thin, anxious lines.

A deep, desperate sigh rippled up from O’Shea’s chest and he couldn’t swallow it in time so he tried to block it with his hand. What in God’s name was he doing, going to work at a time like this? If the omens were so obviously terrifying, why wasn’t he at home with his wife and child? They’d still be lying in bed, sound asleep and unaware of the drama unfolding around them.

Top Reviews
An excellent read
An excellent read which kept me glued to the pages. Well done Brendan and keep writing ~ Gabriel Maguire, Amazon

• • •

I really enjoyed reading this book
I really enjoyed reading this book! It is a great story with many twists and turns while giving your imagination something to think about. The author has a real talent and a great future in writing. The book starts off interesting right from page one with the death of Winston Churchill and the German invasion of Britain. The author's writing style is free-flowing which makes it easy to read and I believe that this book has film potential too . . . I would recommend this book to anyone who desires a good story, well-written, exciting and a pleasure to read. You will not be disappointed and you will be wanting more from this author when you finish this book! ~ Frederick B. Rodgers, Amazon

• • •

An excellent wartime thriller
Dark September is a gripping tale of a mans struggle to protect his son during the war. Brendan has written it in a style that grips you from the start and the twists and turns along the way keep you on your toes. I read this book very quickly as I did not want to put it down. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a book that takes you on a journey with the main character and makes you feel that you are there with him. Thoroughly intriguing and an excellent plot. ~ SJ Mogg, Amazon

• • •

A fast paced thriller
A great plot with plenty twists and turns. It took me a while to warm to the main character and his relationship with his son. Not for the squeamish though. ~ liam lynch, Amazon

• • •

a gripping tale, well written though gruesome in places
A really good read though a little gruesome in parts. Made more enjoyable for me as the places mentioned are local to me. I liked the fact that the lead character is not a super hero and made poor choices at times but were made to protect his vulnerable son. ~ Jan Norton, Amazon

• • •

A real page turner, just when you think you've got it figured out another twist is thrown in! ~ Elisabeth, Amazon

• • •

This book was recommended to me by a friend. Its not my type of book normally but when I read the product description on Amazon I was gripped straight away. This books is well written and you actually believe you are the character himself (well, I do). Now after reading the book I am hooked. If this author wrote another book I would buy it. ~ Claire Peppercorn, Amazon

• • •

A gripping, powerful and well written story
This book contains a unique feel that Brendan achieves through his detailed writing and knowledge. He has created characters that flow amazingly well with the story. Being a welsh girl myself I found myself transported to my grandmother's kitchen and reliving the strong welsh accent that I love so much. Brendan has managed to pack lots of tragic and interesting events into a quick, fast paced read without ever making the reader feel lost or rushed in any way. The writing is superb and the pace is breath-taking, but there should be a warning about the violence. It was sudden and disturbing. And as for the naughty bits … well! nyway, despite all that I’m still giving it top stars. This is one author that I will definitely be keeping an eye on. ~ Mrs Debbie Lane, Amazon UK

• • •

Really interesting story, excellent plot and characters and just like in the war time. Father love is so deep in this book, all presented on best way. ~ mlagjo, Amazon UK

• • •

Best one
Beautiful book, I read in one breath, deep and emotional story based in a different and cruel world. Brendan did a wonderful job and I warmly recommend it to any reader. ~ Filip Grujoski, Amazon UK

• • •

Dark September is an alternate history as part of WWII. While Germany technically never invaded Britain, we do know of their horrific air raids, but Brendan has spun an interesting element into known history to create a truly engaging story of an Irishman's desire to get his son home to Ireland, a neutral country. Dark September is a riveting tale with lots of adventure. Danny O'Shea's plight is palpable and one can't help but keep reading to see what happens next, especially as he's suddenly pursued by the Germans and insurgents who think he's in possession of secret blueprints to a new weapon. This is awesome stuff. A must read. ~ Heart of Fiction



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