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Released: September 2015
ISBN: 9781311823335
ASIN: B014U5M55S
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Series: The Hellhole Saga
Author: S.L. Kotar and J.E. Gessler
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Western
Price: $7.99

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This box set contains:

First Draw, #1
Hellhole, Kansas was known to the authorities as the place where lawmen went to die. Newly elected Marshal, Claw Kiley, drew three rapid conclusions about his new town: residents still seethed over the outcome of the War Between the States; a girl working at the Lowdown Saloon would become very important to him; and outlaws held no respect for the Law.

Audition for a Legend, #2
To survive past the one-year life expectancy the Federal men in Topeka had given him, Kiley will need all the help of trusted friends to survive the threat of drifters, gunfighters, and outlaws, all eager to try their hand at bringing the new "Badge" down. If he lives, he will become a legend; if they gun him down, he will fill a grave on Boot Hill – next to those who had come before and failed.

Strange Bedfellows, #3
When a man called Red arrives in Hellhole, Marshal Claw Kiley is immediately suspicious of his wounds and the aura of danger surrounding him. Red is ordered out of town after Dr. Ward tends the wounds. It's Ward who suspects Red is a former plantation owner now on the run from former slaves. Ward faces a moral dilemma over helping Red, as ghosts of his past threaten to reveal themselves.

Top Reviews
I loved this trilogy as it represents the Western genre has to offer. If it came out in paperback, I'd buy that, too. ~ Joan, Amazon



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