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Released: September 2014
ISBN: 9781311474087
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Series: The Tadhg Sullivan Series, #1
Author: Daithi Kavanagh
Length: Novel
Genre: Mystery
Price: $2.99

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Garda Detective Tadhg Sullivan leads a special unit that investigates politically motivated crime. A man known only as The Deerstalker is a cancer who has infected the Irish political system.

Sullivan teams up with journalist Helen Carty, and together they try tracking down the mysterious killer. Carty adds to Sullivan’s problems, when he finds himself falling in love with her. And further complicating things, he starts losing trust in his partner, Detective Pat Carter, who appears to be on the side of the Garda Commissioner, who Sullivan is rapidly falling out with.

Sullivan’s case is further thrown into confusion when a copycat killer, Tommy Walsh, is shot dead by the CIA. When the CIA discovers that they've killed the wrong person, the two agents involved--Simon, who has become disillusioned by his time stationed in the Middle East, and Joey, a psychopath who confuses zealotry with patriotism--are also in pursuit of The Deerstalker.

Sullivan finds himself in a race against time, if he is to arrest The Deerstalker before the CIA take him out, and use his death as a pawn in a political game of chess.

Who will win out in the end?

He stared at the gun lying on the bed.It was in his possession for nearly half his life and he’d never known what to do with it. The funny thing was, he’d always hated guns and yet, here he was.

He heard his wife moving around downstairs and knew that very soon she would call him for a cup of tea. He had to get the gun back into its hiding place.

He thought back to the first time he’d seen it. A late night knock at the door and a man from down the street had handed the gun and ammunition to him, wrapped in fertiliser bags.

“What the hell is this?” he’d blurted out.

“It’s a gun,” the man had said showing no expression.

“What are you giving it to me for?” he’d whispered, not wanting his family to hear them.”

“Because I trust you,” he’d replied.

“What the hell do you mean, you trust me? You hardly know me! And all I know about you is that you’re mixed up in the IRA. I have a family and I don’t give a damn about the North. Now please get away from my door and take that thing with you.”

The man had stared at him, but all calm had disappeared from his features. Then he spoke through gritted teeth.

“Now listen to me. The guards are going to be here shortly. Something serious happened tonight and now you’re mixed up in it, whether you like it or not. If you don’t take the gun from me now, when the guards arrive here and see us together, I’ll implicate you. Even if they don’t believe me, it will mean that you’ll have to stand up in Court and give evidence against me. Do you want that for your family? It would be much easier for you to stick the gun in the boot of your car drive off somewhere and hide it. But you’d better make your mind up fast, before they drive up and arrest us both.”

He often wondered why he’d taken it. Was it because he’d had sympathy for the man?He didn’t think so. Maybe it was the fear of being implicated, or like the man had said, being branded an informer. He wasn’t sure, but whatever the reason, it seemed like providence.

He heard his wife again. He heard her wheelchair go over the door saddle in the kitchen. He knew she was sitting there in the hallway looking up the stairs. He was safe upstairs, yet he always felt panic when he knew she was listening.

“Is that you love?” he called down.

“Yes, what are you doing up there?”

“I’m just checking my fishing gear.”

He hated lying to her but what could he say? That he was checking out his sniper rifle?

“Well I’m putting on a cup of tea, so finish up whatever you’re doing and come down and get it with me.”

“Right you are, just give me a minute. Cut up some of that Swiss Roll I bought yesterday.”

He pulled back the carpet, lifted the floorboards he’d loosened, and put the gun back in its hiding place. He felt a jolt of excitement. He’d already set his little plan in motion. They’re going to find out the hard way, that no matter who you are, you can’t escape justice.

Top Reviews
A rattling thriller, complex and relevant. The Gun shoots from the hip from first page to last. ~ Eoin Colfer, Amazon UK, author of Artemis Fowl

• • •

Good Reading
I love these characters; they are well-drawn and multi-dimensional)– as I was reading it, I felt like I was watching a BBC series or Masterpiece theater! (producers, are you listening?) I could see the action playing out on the TV screen of my mind– set against the backdrop of Ireland (and being able to visit several different cities as The Deerstalker seeks his revenge is a nice extra!) I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series! Good job, Mr. Kavanagh! ~ LAS Reviews, Amazon

• • •

Join the characters on their thrilling quest
Fiction becomes believable and fascinating in this poignant read as author Daithi Kavanagh takes us through the story of a shooter, whose hatred for corrupt politics in the government of Ireland has forced him to shoot politicians he holds responsible for the suffering of the people of the country and migration of his children leaving him alone with his disabled wife. Detective Sullivan- a lead of special unit that investigates politically motivated crimes is tasked at finding out the shooter and the mystery behind these murders. Author Daithi Kavanagh is a truly gifted writer who weaves a story that is at once complex, surprising, full of well paced action and rich with colorful details of region that serves to fully engage the readers keeping them at the edge of their seats. With few important characters author does a remarkable job at bringing each one to life as narration gets intriguing at the turn of every page. Full of mystery and puzzle to solve with a little romance, this book is a true piece of entertainment. 'The Gun' is a sure recommendation for those who want to join the characters on their thrilling quest, beating the odds of life. ~ Eishinas, Amazon

• • •

Dual POV
This was a great dual POV. On one hand you have the man who is the suspect. We get to get a little background on him and why he is doing what he's doing. Then on the other hand, you get the perspective of Sullivan, the main character who is trying to catch him. I enjoyed the fact that both of these men were so different yet both so motivated by their respective missions. There is even a bit of romance thrown in, which helped to cut the tension of the seriousness of the rest of the novel. ~ Texas Book Nook, Amazon

• • •

A fast-paced Irish thriller with realistic characters
With The Gun, Daithi Kavanagh has created a fast-paced political suspense with local flair. The story comprises a variety of nicely elaborated characters with sufficient depth and interesting interactions to solve this politically inspired case. I had a great time reading The Gun - it is a very enjoyable read; it drives you head-first into the Irish life. I was drawn into the story right away, enjoying the journeys from one location to the next. Tadhg, Helen and Pat are (or soon become) likeable characters - I am looking forward to reading more of this series. This is for you if you like European political thrillers, likeable and interesting characters, series and - Ireland. ~ Karen O, Amazon

• • •

A superb & engaging read!!
This is a fabulous book. I was captivated from the 1st few pages & found it really difficult to put it down. Definitely 10/10 ~ Roger McGuire, Amazon

• • •

A great read
Top drawer. A great read, who would have thought this was a 1st book. Written as if he has been writing all his life. What they call a page turner, took me little time to read this and put myself into Tadhg world rather than my own for a short while. Good characters, great plot, look forward to the next instalment. ~ Val, Amazon

• • •

Brilliant read! Would highly recommend this book. ~ Amy, Amazon

• • •

enthralled from the first page
The Gun had me enthralled from the first page. Fast paced and current, Daithi has the ability to tell this intriguing tale from several character perspectives, each with a depth of credibility. Can't wait for the next one! ~ Maree, Amazon

• • •

Loved it
This book is so gripping. Got into it straight away. The characters are very powerful and intense. Fascinating story and relates well to current situations. Loved it.. Loved it! ~ Miss Mai Breen, Amazon

• • •

The Gun is a fast-paced, complicated collection of twists and turns that is guaranteed to keep readers on their toes. This is an excellent start to a new Irish detective series. Kavanagh's voice rings true and clear through the story, keeping readers engaged. His protagonist, Tadhg Sullivan, is a wholly believable character who we're instantly drawn to from page one. The opening scene, where he's instantly drawn to the aid of a young girl, introduces us to the sensitive side of a police detective who's day-to-day job is bringing down killers and dark, nefarious baddies. There's a great plot here, drawing on modern Irish history. Kavanagh pulls us into a completely believable situation and keeps us engaged through master storytelling. This is a great start to a new series. I can't wait to see what's in store in book two. ~ Heart of Fiction



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