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Released: November 2013
ISBN: 9781311219329
Author: Zrinka Jelic
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.99

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It isn’t the string of crappy jobs, or people’s irrational urge to spend their money, or even his inability to ask Julie out on a date that Zach can’t get excited about Christmas. It is the fact that today is his last day he gets to spend in his preferred human form.

When jealous Tia, a wicked sorceress disguised as the pack’s alpha female, tries to force his wolf out a day early, all-consuming anger sends him into a rage against her. She punishes shape shifter Zach, by changing him to a dog. He has 48 hours to save his family and trade his life for someone else’s in order to break the spell—the only problem, Julie’s cat Miss Molly knows who he is and won’t let him near her owner. But Julie’s safety is the greatest importance and he sticks by her side.

Julie can’t resist falling in love with the stray dog she rescues. She prolongs putting a found dog ad in the local newspaper just to keep him for another day. Strange thing is, the animal reminds her of Zach.

Confronted with the woman who stole the man she secretly loves, Julie discovers the truth about Zach. When his dog form proves useless against the powerful alpha werewolf, the help comes from unforeseen allies.

Zach shoved one more shopping cart left in the middle of the parking lot into the long row of other carts. The cheerful laughter of people added to his vexation. Anger flared in him and he blew another hot breath. Damn it all, he was a son of a Roman Centurion, destined for greatness. He’d proved his worth in many wars, winning countless battles.

It was the heart of a woman he couldn’t win.

A chance to see Julie was the reason enough to get sucked into taking a shift, filling in for someone who was nursing a hangover. Maybe on his last day in human form he would muster enough courage to live up his fantasy. He should be in bed, bringing Julie to Heaven and not just imagine he was making love to her. Then again, not every story ended on a happy note.

On the sidewalk of the large department store, the hired Santa rang his bell. “Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.”

Coins clinked, filling the tin can in Santa’s hand. The perpetual darkness of early winter didn’t seem to dampen human’s giving or shopping mood. Zach tilted his head toward the dusk sky and squinted against the wet snowflakes. The low hovering, gray clouds almost scraped the tops of the buildings, bringing cold winds.

At his shove, the carts rumbled and coasters screeched on the cement. The shift manager would have a fit if he saw him pushing this many carts at once. Not that Zach cared. He’d made the employee of the month for three months in a row despite the nasty boss.

Another step and he’d cross the long driveway of the parking lot, get out of the frigid air and into a heated store foyer. A pickup drove through a puddle. Splashes of dirty, freezing water soaked his worn jeans. Goose flesh raced up his bare legs underneath with icy bite. The black truck’s engine roared and the vehicle peeled out of the parking lot, leaving wet tire tracks on the pavement. He glared at the taillights disappearing in the large snowflakes. The bobbing tip of the Douglas fir, hanging from the edge of the truck’s bed, reminded Zach of dead deer antlers. Strange tradition to chop down a tree, bring it indoors, prop it upright, decorate it, praise it, only to toss it onto the curb a week or so later.

At the store entrance the scruffy guy playing Christmas carols on his guitar shrugged and flashed him a sorrowful look. A patron threw a handful of coins in the open case. He doffed his baseball cap and changed the tune for yet another melody that was supposed to spread holiday cheer.

Peace and joy, goodwill towards people, my ass.

Top Reviews
Good read
I loved the premise of the story and the characters. It was a quick read and I enjoyed it . . . some unique twists to the normal paranormal romance read. ~ Shannon Sonneveldt, Amazon

• • •

Deck the Halls is a true Christmas novelette . . . How these two were able to work together and make the impossible possible was an unexpected twist by the author. Nice short read. ~ Hawk, Amazon

• • •

A most delightful read!
Such a splendid book! I love the fact that the author incorporates domestic animals into a story about wolves and shifters. I laughed and cried while reading this book. I would recommend to anyone who wants a feel good read! Five stars for being well written and edited! Imagination and surprise abound! ~ Crystal Miles Gauthier, Amazon

• • •

A heart-warming holiday story
Deck the Halls is a fun, romantic and heart-warming holiday novelette . . . This is a short read, but during this busy time of the year, just right to sit by the fire sipping eggnog, this holiday season. A nice edition to all of Ms. Jelic's other published works. ~ Debbie Christiana, Amazon

• • •

Paranormal Holiday Romance
This is a great little holiday paranormal romance with a interesting twist. Good plot and characters. I look forward to reading more for this author. ~ The Mystical World of Book Reviews, Amazon

• • •

Deck the Halls is a wonderful installment to Tirgearr Publishing's collection of holiday stories. The relationship which develops between Julie and Zach is fraught with angst from the start -- Zach's inability to ask out a girl he really likes, Julie's inability to tell Zach how she feels about him, and then Julie's subsequent love of a stray who oddly reminder her of a man she secretly loves. Add the mischievousness of Miss Molly, Tia's angry jelousy, and of course that the holidays have a chance at being truly ruined, and this story already packs a big novel into this short novella. A great read, not just for the holiday season, but all year. ~ Heart of Fiction



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