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Released: May 2014
ISBN: 9781310127564
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: The Aphrodite and Adonis Series, #2
Author: Romy Gemmell
Length: Novelette
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $1.99

When thirty-something Katie Murray agrees to go on holiday to the romantic island of Cyprus with the man in her life, Mike Sinclair, it’s on the understanding they are only friends. Much as she enjoys Mike’s company and hopes it might develop into something more, she is still not over the untimely death of her first husband and only lover, childhood sweetheart, Paul. Can she put her sadness behind her, let go of her inhibitions and learn to love again?

On Cyprus in spring time, Aphrodite and Adonis are reunited after two seasons apart and in between renewing their love for each other they watch the influx of tourists to Paphos, choosing the next couple to benefit from their special help. Recognising the sadness in Katie’s eyes and the love Mike waits to share, the mythological couple are determined to do all in their power to ensure the two humans discover the joy that awaits them.

“Do you never become bored with our games, sweet Aphrodite?” Adonis plucked a bloom for the grass and inhaled its perfume while watching his lover.

Aphrodite turned her gaze from the taxis and buses depositing a new intake of guests at the low-level hotel, and smiled through narrowed eyes.

“But it is such fun helping these humans to open their hearts and lives to love. And so many need our assistance.” Leaning across the short distance between them, she took the flower and crushed it in her hand.

As Adonis was about to protest, she silenced him with a kiss. When they drew apart, she held out her hand. “That is how easily they bruise. Why not take what is offered while they have a chance? As we do.”

Adonis watched another couple alight from a taxi as he nodded at her words. Nothing focused the heart as much as the threat of being parted.

“I think we may have found our latest project,” he said. “What do you make of them?”

Aphrodite sat close beside him and followed the direction of his glance. She examined the man and woman paying the driver. “There is a distance between them, yet I feel only warmth and affection from them.”

Adonis continued to study the couple before replying. “The woman, she holds great sadness in her heart, as though something is missing from her life.”

“Or someone,” Aphrodite suggested. “I like the way the man takes her arm and pays her great attention. As a pretty woman deserves,” she added to her lover. “But I sense she is hesitant for some reason. Perhaps they are not yet lovers?”

Adonis scrutinised their every mannerism as the couple walked toward the hotel entrance. “I think you are correct, my love. And I like the woman with the sad eyes. How I should like to fill them with joy again.”

“Ah, my Adonis, remember you always tell me to be careful of their sensitive feelings. But I, too, wish to help this couple. Perhaps we could gently encourage them to explore the pleasures of love on our island.”

Standing with one movement, Aphrodite and Adonis reached the man and woman as they manoeuvred their cases, ready to enter the hotel. The woman saw them first, and Adonis noticed she paused as she watched them approach.

“Good day, and welcome to our island,” he said, holding out his hand to the woman.

Glancing at her companion, whose gaze was fixed on Aphrodite, the woman hesitated. Then, smiling, she placed her hand in his. “Thank you.”

She continued to stare at Adonis as he placed his other hand on top of hers for a second, before raising her small hand to his lips. Adonis felt the quiver of delight that flowed between them and he released the hand. It was enough for now.

“We wish you a love-filled holiday,” Aphrodite said, as she handed a perfect little white flower to the man, before stepping back.

“Thank you for the friendly welcome,” the man said, glancing in puzzlement at the woman beside him.

Adonis opened the door of the hotel as though he was used to ushering guests in, and the couple gathered their cases and stepped inside.

As the door closed, Aphrodite and Adonis turned away from the hotel and returned to their vantage point on the hills.

“That was well done, my love,” Aphrodite said, as she sat beside her lover. “Even I felt the physical jolt of desire that emanated from you when you touched the woman’s hand to your lips. And it must now be assuaged at some point.”

Adonis laughed as he caught her hand and brought it to his lips, slowly kissing each finger. “It is good she has strong feelings inside, although something holds them in check. Do you think the man will release them?”

Looping her hands around the back of his neck, Aphrodite guided Adonis toward her. “I think he truly loves the woman and is trying to convince her of that so they might move on together. But she might need a little more encouragement to find fulfilment with him. Talking of which…”

Aphrodite stopped speaking as Adonis claimed her lips, and they lay entwined on the quiet hillside, exploring their own deepest desires.

What the reviewers are saying
What could be better on an afternoon in summer than a seat in the sun, a glass of something chilled and Romy Gemmell's latest eBook in the Aphrodite and Adonis series? . . . You won't regret reading The Adonis Touch to find out. ~ Reader, Amazon

• • •

The Right Touch
After doggedly reading a most improbable romance I began Romy Gemmell's Adonis Touch in the hope of finding an authentic and believable love story. I found it The Adonis Touch is a story to make you wonder, wish even, will she , wont she, set in the background of beautiful Cyprus and framed by a gentle mythical fantasy . Romy Gemmell has certainly got the right touch in writing a a modern romance. Read it and find the ending for yourself. ~ Frippery, Amazon

• • •

Adonis and Aphrodite is a delightful series to follow!
This is a beautiful story with a mixture of myth and reality and a very fast paced read. ~ Belinda Wilson, Amazon US and blog

• • •

Going back for seconds:)
This is another charming story of another couple in beautiful Greece. You really do feel like you are there:) I love the author's idea of Adonis and Aphrodite taking turns to see that all ends well for the couples who are determined to find true romance. This would make the sweetest TV series. Hope there is a third novella coming soon. ~ jaqie, Amazon US

• • •

Love in the sun
Adonis works his magic in the second 'Aphrodite and Adonis' novella - a perfect read for your holidays. The author captures the beauty of Cyprus well, providing a perfect backdrop for the deepening romance between Katie and her patient holiday companion, Mike . . . I particularly enjoyed the imagery used within the story to represent Katie's awakening and renewal. A feel good romance which will warm you well into the winter months! ~ SnowWhite, Amazon US

• • •

Fun in the Sun
Cyprus is once again the glorious setting for this, the second novella in The Aphrodite and Adonis Series, which loses nothing of the charm of the first. This contemporary romance is laced with lashings of fantasy - and fun . . . In the skilful hands of the author, Cyprus itself is a character, assaulting the senses and evoking the romance played out in this delightful novella. ~ TangoQueen, Amazon US

• • •

As with The Aphrodite Touch, Romy has spun a lovely tale with The Adonis Touch. We're brought into Katie's life and feel the pain of her loss and her hopes for a new future. We feel her apprehension at opening herself up to another man. This is a sweetly passionate story which will have you sighing on one page and chuckling on the next. Romy has also managed to bring Cyprus to life on the page -- one can nearly feel the sun on the skin and hear the lapping of the waves. This is a delightful story and a wonderful sequel to book one. A must read! ~ Heart of Fiction



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