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Romy Gemmell is a historical and contemporary novelist for adults, also under her full name Rosemary, and she writes for the Middle Grade/tween age group as Ros. Her short stories, articles and poems have been published in UK magazines, in the US, and online and several stories have won awards.

Romy has a Post-graduate Masters in literature and history and is a member of the Society of Authors, the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and the Scottish Association of Writers. She loves to share writing information and give help to other writers whenever possible in person and through her blog. She also loves to dance!

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Romancing History

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The Aphrodite Touch, #1

Carla hopes 10 days on the romantic island of Cyprus will finally progress her relationship with reserved Scottish boyfriend, Jamie, to a full physical commitment. She doesn't count on the intervention of the goddess Aphrodite and her lover, Adonis. Will Aphrodite awaken Jamie’s hidden depths and allow him to return the passion that Adonis senses in Carla?

The Adonis Touch, #2

When Katie Murray decides to holiday in Cyprus, hoping to put the sadness of losing her husband behind her, she ends up falling for Mike. As much as she wants a more intimate relationship with him, she's only ever known her late husband's intimate touch. Then Katie meets Dita and Donas, Cyprian locals, who befriend her. Little does she know, Dita and Donas are the Greek gods of love!

The Aphrodite Assignment, #3

Bryony Marshall has the assignment of a lifetime: to check out the new apartments on Cyprus' Aphrodite’s island for her travel company. But she hadn’t reckoned on her contact being Richard Harrison, former teenage crush and her older sister’s ex-fiancé. Can the mythological duo bring the humans together within the limited time for both couples?

Midwinter Masquerade

Edinburgh, December 1816-- Lady Lenora Fitzallan accepts an invitation to a masked ball from Edward Montgomery, the man she once thought to marry seventeen years previously. She befriends his niece who has a propensity for getting into mischief. While Lenora struggles with her attraction for Edward, a secret begins unfolding when a costumed stranger arrives. Where will Lenora's trust lie?




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