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T. K. Geering began to write seriously about five years ago. Paranormal fantasy wasn’t a natural choice, it was more of an unexpected curve ball, but she relented and accepted that fantasy had chosen her. From there, Tee moved on to crime with a sprinkling of romance. In her opinion, every good story has to have a romantic interest somewhere within.

In the past she has lectured to ‘A’ level and Performing Arts students on creative writing. It became an extremely interesting sideline and gave her a natural break from editing, reviewing and writing.

Whilst interviewing a publisher for the writing group Tee belonged to, she was delighted to hear that they were head hunting her for publication of her books. The rest as they say is history.

T. K. Geering writes paranormal romance, fantasy and crime and is a previously published author. Her writing style has been compared to J.K. Rowling and Jean M. Auel, and her books are now sold worldwide.

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A Russian Gift of Love

Vicky is a successfully published author, but this is just a cover for her real job as Detective Chief Inspector dealing with espionage/anti-terrorism. Nick, a Russian sleeper agent posing as a firefighter, moves in next door. His contract: to fulfill the hit on Vicky. After an ankle injury, he ends up spending Christmas with the doting Vicky. It's not long before friendship turns to love.




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