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Released: November 2015
ISBN: 9781311063670
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Series: Magic of Mull, #2
Author: Joan Fleming
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $3.99

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Scarred physically and emotionally after a car accident, Kirsty Mitchell fears that her two-year-old marriage may be falling apart. Her husband Adam has cancelled their planned holiday cruise to the Caribbean, as he has to work in London. After a blazing row, the couple part on seriously bad terms.

As Kirsty approaches her thirtieth birthday, she is looking ahead to six weeks’ holiday from her job as a classroom assistant in a primary school in Glasgow. She is facing a long, lonely summer in her city-centre flat.

Encouraged by her friend Freda, Kirsty decides to spend some time on the Isle of Mull, the Scottish island of which she has happy memories of visiting her late grandmother. She finds accommodation in a small guest house run by the Fergusons, a couple she knew from her younger days. Another friend she first met on the island as a teenager, Amy Wilson, now also lives on Mull, and Kirsty plans to make contact with her.

At the guest house, she comes into contact with Finn, a charismatic diver, who makes it clear he finds her attractive in spite of her scar, and they spend some time together.

Kirsty is facing an uncertain future. Will her stay on the island help her to recover from the accident? She is tempted to respond to the attentions of Finn, but should she make an effort to patch up her marriage to Adam?

You’ve dropped something.’ Kirsty Mitchell’s friend, Freda, bent to pick up the handwritten sheet of paper. ‘Is it important?’

‘Read it,’ Kirsty said. ‘It’s from Elsa, a woman I know in Mull. I didn’t go past the first paragraph.’

‘We’re having a party to celebrate our Silver Wedding next month,’ Freda read out. ‘Why don’t you come and bring that young man of yours? It’s about time we met him. How long have you been married now?’

While Freda was reading, Kirsty walked over to the window. Looking down onto the busy to-ing and fro-ing of the Glasgow city centre traffic, she could hear the noise of cars and buses–engines revving, brakes squealing–as they responded to the traffic lights at the crossroads. This hive of activity represented the lives of people going places, people in a hurry with appointments to attend, deadlines to meet, business to conduct.

Thinking about the days and weeks ahead, Kirsty had a leaden feeling in her stomach. Six weeks–possibly longer–stretched before her; about forty days with no appointments, no deadlines, a diary which was free of any engagements. How she envied the people in the street below.

It was good of Freda, one of her oldest friends, to come through from Edinburgh for the weekend, responding to her SOS. Amid tears of anger and disappointment, Kirsty had issued a cry for help.

‘Adam’s just left… I told him not to come back… I think our marriage is over… I don’t know what to do…’ she’d said, her voice muffled by her tears.

‘So you’re on your own?’ Freda asked.


‘I’ll be with you in a couple of hours.’

* * *

The argument had started when Kirsty’s husband, Adam, announced at short notice that he would be away from home for two months.

‘I’m sure you’ll find plenty to do,’ he’d said. ‘I might be back sooner than expected, but you have friends here…’

‘All my friends have made plans for the summer. If you’d given me more warning…’

‘I only heard two days ago. It’s too good an opportunity to miss, Kirsty. You do understand that, don’t you?’ He had taken hold of her hands, pulling her round, trying to make her look into his eyes. ‘You’ll be all right, won’t you?’

‘Of course, I’ll be all right.’ Her clipped tone could not have left her husband in any doubt about her reaction to his news. ‘Sensible, capable Kirsty. She’ll always make the best of things.’

‘Don’t be like that, darling. Sarcasm doesn’t help. We can plan the cruise for next year and, with the firm landing this contract, it could be bigger and better…’

‘I don’t need bigger and better, Adam. I’ve been looking forward to going on the cruise this year…’

‘You can still go. Take one of your friends with you,’ Adam said.

‘I’ve told you, they’re all booked up for their holidays. Besides, it wouldn’t be the same. I wanted to go with you.’

‘And I wanted to go with you, darling. But I really have no choice…’

You always have a choice, she’d thought.

Top Reviews
Enjoy the Ambiance of Mull
This is a sweet story that ties in well with Book 1 of the series. The descriptions of both the island and the islanders make one want to visit and absorb some of the ambiance for themselves. The Island has a personality of its own - its nasty temper when the storm roils in, the calm serenity after the storm, its smile when the sun comes out. The cast of characters are all interesting and have their flaws as well as their virtues, which makes for interesting reading. Adam needs to be fleshed out a bit, because out of everyone, he seems flat and emotionless until the end of the novel, when he shows his true feelings of compassion. This is a beautiful story, full of wonderful scenery, misconceptions, and happy endings and is one of those books that is hard to put down. ~ Belinda Wilson, Amazon

• • •

I love the many well crafted characters in this book, we meet some new friends in Kirsty and Adam, some much loved old friends in Amy and Sandy but throughout the narrative the spirit of the island permeates the text until you can feel the wind and rain stinging your cheeks as you read. Buy this book, then go back and buy What the Future Holds, then badger everyone to bring out book three in this trilogy! I can't wait to find out more about this captivating Island. ~ Gill, Amazon

• • •

I loved this and recommend it
I loved this second book by Joan Fleming, it is, once again a bit of geographical and historical education as well as a great story and great characters. I do hope that a third one comes out soon. I would recommend this book, it is a really good purchase. ~ Peta Evans, Amazon

• • •

A very engaging story that draws you in and keeps your interest to the last page. Bedtime reading that was difficult to put down and resulted in the loss of too much sleep! Excellent. ~ JHM, Amazon

• • •

If you enjoyed Joan Fleming’s ‘What the Future Holds’, then you are in for a treat with the second novel in the ‘Magic of Mull’ series – ‘Spirit of the Island.’ . . . We are immediately drawn into the story and share the pain of Kirsty’s predicament while realising there may be more to the difficulties in the relationship with her husband than first appears . . . The character of Kirsty is well-drawn and the reader becomes increasing involved in her dilemma as she tries to deal with her feelings for her husband and her feelings for the enigmatic diver, Finn. There is a nice balance achieved with the others in the story: her childhood friend, Amy; the owners of the Lochside Inn, Charlie and Elsa to name but a few. But one of the main characters is the island of Mull itself, with its many beaches, little villages and wooded walks and it does indeed cast a spell on the reader in the way it is so skilfully depicted. The threads of the story are pulled together in a very satisfactory way and the conclusion is all we could hope for in a romantic novel. ~ Amazon reader

• • •

Magic of Mull
The characters in this book are strong, well drawn and complex- frankly I didn't want this book to end. The scenery and atmospherics run like a river through the book so you can almost feel the wind and rain stinging your cheeks as you read. Buy this book, and while you are there buy book 1 too and start badgering Joan Fleming to write the third book in this trilogy! ~ Gill, Amazon

• • •

Must read!
I had so enjoyed Joan Flemings first novel that I pre-ordered this one and I was not disappointed. Joan has cleverly drawn new characters to mingle with old friends from her first novel. I love the way Joan draws characters I can identify with - they are real. Once again I was pulled into their stories and intrigued as to how it would play out. Joan's ability to depict setting evokes Mull. You can feel that you are there. And who would not want to escape to a Scottish island? You will not be disappointed with this beautifully told tale set on Mull. ~ Edith McEwan, Amazon

• • •

Perfectly captures the "Magic of Mull"
Joan Fleming's "Spirit of the Island" is a spellbinding sequel to her debut novel "What the Future Holds." . . . Beautiful descriptions of Mull are accompanied by exciting scenarios such as the mystery of missing whisky and an encounter with a charming diver. I would thoroughly recommend this novel and do hope that another instalment in the Magic of Mull Series is planned! ~ Valerie Richmond, Amazon



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