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Released: June 2015
ISBN: 9781310526015
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Author: Elaina J. Davidson
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Price: $4.99

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Zanderin is a rogue, a cad, a menacing sorcerer, and a witch's fetch. He loves the ruthless witch, at least he did. He stays, true to his word, delivering vengeance for her past.

Bronwyn lost her sanity when she lost her leg. Now, she whiles away her days in the company of the cloaked - he of most questionable morals - and a precious deck of tarot cards used to fuel vendetta. Her main target is Rhodry, who took her virtue. Zanderin is also on the list, and that may prove a costly twist to her agenda.

Rhodry and Zanderin, the two sides of a playing card. From Castle Tinsal, she sends Zanderin out to gather together the victims of her Tinsal Deck. The only nuance that can thwart her now, is love.


Cosmic Tarot

The cosmos is made of gaudy air that moves with breath and change.
~ The Sine Handbook

There are many oracles employed to reveal the future, some as ancient as civilisation, others as new as this morning's sun, but probably the most famous in every society is the colourful and esoteric tarot deck.

Experts speak of Upper and Lower Houses, Major and Lesser Arcana, and dealers speak of placement, while the uninitiated speak of random choice, for it is said a card is able to determine a twist of fate, such as unheralded fame and fortune, or unexpected death and destruction. It is able to determine vice and virtue, and the state of souls. The order in which the cards are overturned contain secrets to be revealed and the sequence in which they are dealt illuminates the path of destiny. An expert knows these portents.

Not to disparage seers, for they may have the way of it, we would like to suggest an alternate scenario.

What will happen if such a deck of attention-seeking picture cards finds their way into the possession of a powerful woman who makes a deal with the dark devils inside her? Her deck is gifted to her by someone entirely ignorant of what he will serve to unleash. More correctly, whom he will unleash. What if she one day, in boredom, out of spite, turns this deck over… to be intensely drawn to the esoteric images? This, although she cannot know it, is the original deck maker’s intention. (Look, penitent, and you are eternally bound.)

The Upper House in this deck is known as Stellar, and the Lower four suites Secondary. She is not fooled by the term ‘secondary’, for those in the shadows are frequently as manipulative and guilty as the forerunners. She knows this well. She has employed those nuances before.

The Court cards are for society’s controllers, and therefore known as Society. Society deserves a beating, particularly this society in which Tinsal squats and broods. It is time for change.

What if, in her growing madness, an awareness forms? What if boredom becomes obsession?

What if the random choice of one leads to the twist in fate of another? It is not sequence, it is not proximity in the dealing – it is vengeance.

It is Cosmic Tarot and all those who have slighted her, now beware.

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