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Jessica Damien is a longtime Ohio resident, apart from a four-year stint in the USAF and the following few years living in places such as Ipswich, England and Oscoda, Michigan. Returning to Ohio to complete her degree and launch a new career, Jessica began toying around with writing as a hobby.

She began to write about people around her, learning how to pay attention to the minor details that separate one human being from another. Soon, as characters took shape, they presented themselves in various situations, and she began to work more seriously on contemporary fiction.

Jessica works as a contract and freelance editor and as a volunteer administrator for fiction writers.

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Heaven Sent

After causing the death of his subject, Ben, not an angel yet, faces Michael's wrath and teams up with Dorian, the man who was supposed to have lived for another forty-two years. When an evil and vengeful entity makes its presence known, they're all going to have to depend on each other for the survival of the world and each other, in spite of all the unknowns, in spite of all the ill feelings.




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