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Released: July 2014
ISBN: 9781311763303
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Author: Joyce Brennan
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $4.99

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Gilda Scarlotta discovers her parent’s lifeless bodies in their upscale home only to have their murderer turn his gun on her. Left for dead, she recovers and identifies the assassin as a member of the Buffalo mob. The FBI places her in a small Ohio town under the Witness Protection Program. Gilda falls in love with the local chief of police, and just when she believes her life is safe, the mob learns of her new identity.

Buffalo, New York

Gilda Scarlotta hooked her purse over her arm, grabbed the specially wrapped box of imported Belgian chocolates from the front seat of her chili red Mini Cooper, and dashed up the porch steps. She barely touched the handle on the double hand-carved front doors when they swung open.

She hesitated. Papa always insisted they keep the doors locked, even when they were home. Noting a car parked in the driveway, she shrugged it off. A guest? Her parents were always entertaining. She stepped inside. Her spike heels sinking deep into the thick green carpet muffled her footsteps as she walked through the foyer.

The house was dark with the exception of the dining room where she could see the end of the set table, graced with a white lace cloth and flickering candles. She smoothed her skirt and brushed back her hair. Her entire body tingled. Her parents thought she couldn’t come home for their thirty-fifth anniversary celebration because she had to study for finals. She anticipated their astonished expressions. She walked toward the room.

“Momma, Papa, surprise! I’m home.” Her voice trailed off in the silence. A hardened lump formed in her throat.

Why didn’t they reply?

She ventured further into the doorway and gasped. Momma, head hanging grotesquely to the side, slumped in the antique dining room chair. Papa’s body sprawled face down on the Oriental rug. Blood. Blood everywhere.

Her hands flew to her face. “No.” Her scream pierced the deadly silence as she backed away in horror. Before she could turn and run for the front door, two shots ripped through the room in rapid succession. The impact spun her sideways. Her head throbbed. A fierce pain raged in her chest before she crumpled to the floor.

Footsteps clicked on the parquet floor that bordered the Oriental dining room rug. Gilly kept her eyes closed. Held her breath and kept her body limp. She sensed the killer standing beside her. A shoe jabbed her ribs.

Oh my God, he’s checking to make sure I’m dead.

It took all of her resolve not to react as she mentally braced for another gunshot. It seemed like forever before the carpet moved and the killer stepped over her. She blinked open her eyes as he casually strolled through the entry way and out the double front doors, not bothering to close them. Gilly choked back a sob, terrified to move or make a noise until she heard the soft purr of an engine as the car spun out of the driveway.

She pressed her hand to the side of her head. Warm sticky fluid oozed through her fingers. Each breath tore at her chest. A burst of blood had soaked through her sweater. She struggled to stay conscious. She had to call for help. Eyes blurred, she fumbled in her blood soaked Gucci bag and pulled out her iPhone, willing her fingers to punch in the numbers.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“Help me,” she coughed, gasping for air. “I’ve been shot.”

Top Reviews
Thumbs Up For Joyce Brennan's Misplaced
Read this book cover to cover - couldn't put it down! I highly recommend it to friends and family looking for a fascinating and thought-provoking read! ~ Brooke, Amazon

• • •

Winning Story
Joyce Brennan has another winner with "Misplaced." A believable thriller about today's world with an unusual ending which will surprice and delight every reader. ~ Bruce D. Alitt, Amazon

• • •

Joyce has woven yet another sweet, surprising tale
Joyce has woven yet another sweet, surprising tale. It's a quick, easy read, and you won't want to put it down. I don't know that I would call this book "contemporary" because of some of the technological issues the characters have, but it is a great setting and a good twist. You'll like it, a lot! ~ Kay Phoenix, Amazon

• • •

Get ready for some serious suspense in the second half
there is a fun story and lots of suspense to be had here, particularly as the second half kicks into gear and the mobsters start closing in on Jillian's new life. ~ Jessica N. Cline, Amazon

• • •

A Joy to Read
Joyce Brennan's MISPLACED weaves a tale that held my interest from start to finish. Her romantic novels
have always captivated me and MISPLACED certainly does the same. What is more, she manages to spring
a number of surprise twists that add excitement to what is already a well thought out plot. Really enjoyed the book! ~ Morrie Greenberg, Amazon

• • •

Another fantastic book. I could not put the book down
Another fantastic book. I could not put the book down.I read it in one day. I love these books by Joyce. You will not be disappointed. ~ Nancy I. Hall, Amazon

• • •

Joyce Brennan is a talented writer who is a master at bringing to life small town America and the middle class lifestyle. She draws you into the story and you feel as if you know the characters. The book keeps you interested right through till the end. ~ Lorna Eames, Amazon

• • •

Loved The Book
I really enjoyed this book.
Joyce captured the despair that Gilda Scarlotta felt when she had to go into the witness protection program.
It is a very well written and imaginative book. I'm looking forward to seeing another book written by Joyce Brennan. ~ Karen H, Amazon

• • •

I didn't know what to expect from this book. It started off a little slow, but was interesting enough to keep me going. I'm glad I stuck with it because once it takes off, it really moves. The second half of the book is one thrill after another with several surprising twists. ~ Reader, Amazon

• • •

I liked this book. The author had me hooked from the beginning and kept pulling the strings even into the Epilogue. I read the last half of this book aloud to a dear friend and when I paused to give my throat a rest she was disappointed. Her smile returned when I resumed reading. ~ Amazon reader

• • •

This book kept me intrigued right up to the surprise finish. The author amazes the reader with her character development and grasp of small town life.~ jjs, Amazon

• • •

Fun and intriguing with an unexpected twist
Jillian’s struggle to survive and Nate’s determination to protect her is a wild ride with twists and turns that you will enjoy. ~ A.L. Boyer, Amazon

• • •

Oh, my goodness! Misplaced is a fabulous romantic suspense, with equal measures of romance and suspense. Though I'm not sure if that should be suspense and romance. Really, it's hard to tell which is more evident. The story opens with Gilda discovering her parent's bodies and getting shot herself. Suspense from page one. The attraction between Jillian and Nate is palpable. We follow this couple in their budding relationship, never really getting a fair chance at a normal relationship. What's normal for Gilda-Jillian anymore? Neither are looking for a relationship, but both needing something the other can provide, until a very personal relationship evolves, despite (or is that in spite of) Celia's interference and collusion with the Mafia. This story is well-paced and engrossing. Joyce's voice is strong as she weaves her tale, pulling the reader in on invisible threads and ensnaring them within her pages. The only way out is to finish the story. Believe me. You'll want to read this in one sitting. How can you help but not?! . . . Misplaced is right up there with any of Linda Howard's romantic suspense novels. I dare say, Linda has some stiff competition with Joyce Brennan! This is definitely a must read for anyone who likes edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense/suspenseful romance. Great job, Joyce! ~ Heart of Fiction



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