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Betsy J. Bennett lives in Michigan with her husband, two adult daughters, three obnoxious cats and an English bulldog. She has five grandchildren. She collects dragons, creche's and Santas. She has always believed in Christmas and in Santa, and although she has yet to meet the real Santa, she has hope that with the publication of this book he'll seek her out. She is currently at work on her next novel.

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Dragon's Roost Series
A Dragon's Tea, #1

To hide from her ex-boyfriend, Lori Lawrick runs to her Aunt Jan's bed and breakfast, Dragon's Roost. There, she meets Byron, a handsome jeweler who creates incredible works of art in gold and precious stones, but he says it is his duty to make tea. Lori soon realizes nothing is what it seems at the B&B. She must find the strength to save Byron, and maybe the entire planet from evil.

A Gargoyle's Vow, #2

As an 8 year-old, Brenda was bitten by a monster chained in the Dragon's Roost basement. 17 years later she returns to face her fears. Milton, marked as a gargoyle for a past sin, terrifies her but she needs his help. He agrees but only if she marries him. She isn't the first in his life. He must complete his quest, even if it means sacrificing her. Can love survive under these conditions?

A Wizard's Spell, #3

During an out of body experience on his deathbed, Pierce becomes enchanted with CeeDee, vowing to find her. She learns she's pregnant and doesn't think it's wise falling for Pierce. His charms capture her heart, until she realizes he's been lying. Wizards want to strip Pierce from all his powers as they believe the child is his. He takes her to magical worlds where everything is unbelievable.

Strangers in the Night

Dr Alex Horne lost his ride to the International Space Station after an accident that crushed his legs, but when called to investigate an alleged UFO landing site, he agrees, if only to prove the hoax. Devra feels Alex can't understand her fears. He doesn’t believe in aliens, which means he doesn't believe in her. They're not looking for love, but Alex and Devra find completion in each other. Now if only they can survive a UFO encounter.

Her Puzzle

He was a puzzle and none of the pieces fit together
Earth was not his homeland
He promises her one night as Cinderella
Then he is accused of murder
Is her love for this prince enough to save his life, even when she suspects he will still choose his homeland over her?

Santa Takes a Wife

Nicholas St. Noel knew what made children happy and he knew where every gift in his over-packed sleigh had to go until one Christmas when there was a gift he could not deliver. Beth Anderson believes in Christmas and in Santa Claus. She'd been relentlessly teased her whole life since she caught the real Santa as a child. But was she willing to give up her family and move to the North Pole?

The Frog Kiss

Shauna was having a bad day when on a fit of whimsy she bent down and kissed a frog. A second later a handsome man filled her arms and her dreams. With her kiss, Mica found himself transforming back into a man. With ability to shapeshift, he found his greatest passion was being a man, for as a man, he could love Shauna. Then he had to give her up to prove his love.




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