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Released: March 2013
ISBN: 9781301112739
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Series: Sons of Liberty, #1
Author: Carley Bauer and Lynette Willows
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $4.99

Young, adventurous and widowed in a new land, Cassandra Courtney Brooks finds her dream of raising a superior breed of saddle horse slipping away with the death of her husband. Left with four horses, living in a tavern attic, and her scant savings depleting, she resolves to see her vision through to fruition by accepting the scandalous position of steward at Varina Farms.

Born in the image of his native ancestry, Colton Rolfe’s savage blood runs through his veins. Scorned by his father, Colt grew into a man of ill temperament whose only interest is the wild equine beasts on his plantation. His desire to breed his horses with the superior Thoroughbreds of the newly widowed Cassandra Brooks leads him to abandon societal rules. Colt’s growing resentment toward the Crown and his assistance to Sons of Liberty missions is complicated by the discovery that Cassandra’s father is a titled English nobleman.

Cassandra is soon forced to question the wisdom of her decision when she finds herself enamored with her employer. As fiery passion grows between them, Cassandra realizes her own spirit of independence, love of the land, and the savage man who is so much a part of it.

As the threat of war comes ever closer, wills are tested through gunfire, treachery, danger, and kidnapping. Does Colt dare trust Casandra with Sons of Liberty secrets? More importantly, can he trust her with his heart? And will Colt ever trust Cassandra enough to love her as she longs to be loved?


“How much do you charge for your stock?”

Startled by the abrupt topic change, she stammered, “Well, I have not sold any yet. The colt will be the first.”

Inwardly, Colton rejoiced at her inexperience. “How much?” he pressed, in an effort to keep her off balance.

“I have given it some thought. A price of twenty-five pounds seems reasonable.”

Colton’s jaw dropped open. “Are you insane, woman?”

She flinched and bristled, then found her voice. “With my quality horses, I cannot see why I should not demand a fair price.”

“Twenty-five pounds…” he stopped. “That is five pounds more than I charge and I have the best in the county!”

“You had the best,” she corrected saucily, her blue eyes shining with mischief.

Angry at her cheek, Colton urged his horse closer to hers and leaned over close in what he hoped was an intimidating manner, staring into her eyes. He was gratified to see her quiver, her hands tightening on the reins. Still, her gaze remained steady on his. Through his anger he admired her courage. Grown men quaked at his bullying tactics, yet this slip of a girl held fast under his stare.

“You insolent wench,” he huffed.

Cassandra shivered, but did not answer. She held her ground, and he strongly suspected she knew her position was strong.  They held a glaring contest for a few seconds.

A slow smile curled one corner of Colton’s mouth. “You have brass ones, woman,” he murmured. “That is one reason I want to buy your horses and make them the foundation of my breeding line.”

Cassandra snorted in derision, obviously surprised at his offer. “Do you honestly think I would give up my horses after all I have sacrificed to keep them?”

“You admitted you are in a bad way.” He shifted in his saddle. “Tom Hardwick is a fine horseman and good foreman, but unfortunately the man is illiterate, only able to work out numbers with great effort. With my planned expansion I have need of a knowledgeable steward.” He studied her reaction at this unorthodox suggestion. “I also need a housekeeper. Martha is not able to read or write, either, and she is getting old. My sister, Frances Anne, who normally would take over the household duties, is abroad and not due home for a year or more. Therefore, I propose you be my housekeeper as well.”

Colton could see suspicion rising in her deep blue eyes. A fetching creature, he doubted she lacked admirers. He supposed she wondered if the proposition was business or if his pleasure would also be part of the bargain. Inexplicably, the latter thought made his groin tighten.

Proper English women were reared to manage a substantial household. Colton was unaware of her heritage but assumed she garnered these qualities as a governess or housekeeper to prominent English families before coming to the Colonies. War with England was on their heels and Colton made it clear he was willing to make an investment in the fight for independence with his horses. Knowing her background beyond that of Seth Brooks’ widow may not set well with him but he needed her horses to produce stronger stock if the Colonialists were to get independence from the Crown.

Cassandra sniffed haughtily. “I do not see how your offer could possibly tempt me.”

Colton’s eyes fixed intently on her, belying the informal way he rested his elbow on his thigh, leaning toward her.

 “I want sole rights to your stallions to service my mares, Mrs. Brooks. I also claim sole ownership of any foals resulting from breeding our stock.”

Her mouth dropped open at his outrageous proposal. He continued, undaunted.

“The annual wage as steward and housekeeper at Varina Farms is two hundred and forty pounds. It is more than generous, you must admit. You can save up enough to open a small shop, or snag another husband, when my sister returns to take over the household. It is not often a mere woman is offered such an opportunity,” he added.

“You arrogant boor,” Cassandra huffed. “Just when I think you might be a gentleman, you manage to change my mind!”
What the reviewers are saying
I enjoyed reading this book. I read it for pure enjoyment, with engageing characters that drew me in instantly. Then we had the historical facts and the son's of liberty to give the story added interest. I would have liked more of the battle scene. However, it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the story. I loved the slow burning passion of Cassy and Colt, their clashes of personality gave the plot the tension it needed and worked well . . . I liked the spirited heroine and the broody hero and thought that the love scene when they finally got together was well written . . . Finally, I found it extraordinary that, No Gentleman is He, was written by two authors, one living in Canada and the other living in New York. And that they managed to make the book seamless . . . Congratulation to you both for producing a wonderful book that I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending. ~ Cathy, Amazon UK and Amazon US

• • •

Great book. Amazing collaboration.
No Gentleman Is He is a thoroughly enjoyable book. Not only is it true to its historical period, the characters are so real you feel you could talk to them and expect them to reply. I loved this story. What amazed me most was how well these two authors worked together to produce such a smooth flowing book. I'd love to know how they did it. If you didn't know, you would never guess there were two authors instead of just one. Excellent job. Excellent book. ~ Petticoat Grandma, Amazon

• • •

I really enjoy the Revolutionary time period in US history, and this gave enough detail and enough background to make me enjoy the time period and be interested in the details of events leading up to the revolution that is well known. I liked the premise, and the horses. While there were a few scenes that didn't quite gel together, most were well done and gave a glimpse into the lives of a much harder time period than now. The romance was well done, and built up throughout the story. Having a powerful heroine that does more than just survive but holds her own and is expert in her field is refreshing in the genre. ~ Marie Davis, Amazon and Goodreads

• • •

Romance with Character
I must say this was reminiscent of the early days of fine, historical romance stories. I found myself immediately captured by Casey and Colton's personalities. Throughout the story there was a bevy of strong characters who entertained and lived in a period of time weaved around historical events of the American Revolution. From the opening scene of a struggling mare needing help in delivery, to the end scene of kidnapping, I found my interest captured. The only thing that jarred me from an engrossing read were a few transition bumps in scenes. The time period came alive with great descriptions of life on a working horse farm. Being an avid horseman, I found the descriptions of the day to day operations and animal behavior true to life. I highly recommend this read to any discerning romance buff. My thanks to the writers who presented an extremely well researched, professional, and edited story. ~ Rgabel, Amazon

• • •

I just finished this book and really enjoyed it! I haven't read a historical romance in a very long time but I am so glad that I read this. This book had me hooked from the very beginning. I normally only have time to read at night, but found myself looking for opportunities to squeeze in a few chapters during the day. The story was well written and the attention to history made me feel like I was living in that time period. Cassandra overcame many hardships to live in a new land and succeed in a man's world. She quickly earned the respect of everyone at Varina Farms and proved to be the best thing to ever come into Colton Rolfe's life. I look forward to the next book in the Sons of Liberty series to find out what comes next for these characters and their family and friends. Carley Bauer and Lynette Willows did a fantastic job with this book! I am definitely a fan of historical romance again! ~ Diana, Amazon

• • •

Loved it!
I am not a big reader and read very little actually but I decided to read this book and I am so glad I did! I loved everything about it, the year it took place, the way the writers described the scenery and every character, I could picture it clearly ! I especially loved the tension / romance build up between Colton and Cassandra their characters were amazing!, sad to see it end can't wait for the second !!! I'm hooked :) ~ Courtney, Amazon

• • •

The best book I have read in a long time.The characters were very strong. Cassandra was spirited and intelligent. Colton was a dark haired man full of passion and strength. They're love story drew me in. I felt as I were living it, though I have to admit some parts made me blush (I felt I was peeking). It's hard to believe it was written by two people instead of one. I couldn't tell where one ended and the other started. I am curious if one of them grew up on a horse farm, it seemed very spot on. Can't wait till the next one. ~ Roin, Amazon

• • •

I just finished reading "No Gentleman Is He", it really is a must read. It has a cast of characters, both main and secondary, who's personalities are so well defined and consistent from beginning to end that I found myself feeling at times, I was eavesdropping on the action from somewhere in the scene. Voyeurism comes to mind as I think of the love scenes. The story takes you on an emotional journey that leaves you wanting and waiting for the next adventure. ~ Cole34, Amazon

• • •

Great Romance
Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. This is a great, historical romance. Colton is a bit of a Rhett Butler, he's dark and misunderstood by society. Cassandra, on the other hand, is no Scarlett and I mean that in a good way. She is a strong, smart, independent woman who is not afraid to take care of herself. I admire the way she refuses to run to a man to save her. Colton's respect and admiration for her strength add depth to his character. I also really enjoyed the interactions between Cassandra's parents at the end of the novel. Perhaps there could be a prequel down the road about their relationship? ~ Barbara, Amazon

• • •

Great Book
I absolutely loved this book. I don't usually read revolutionary era books. But it looked intriguing so I read it. This was such a terrific story with strong characters and an accurate story line. I felt as if I was there living in those exciting, yet hard times, when this country began its journey to independence. It really retells the american history. It had everything you want and more. A beautiful love story and an exciting book, you really feel for these people in those times. I can't wait to read the next one!! ~ Dana, Amazon

• • •

Exciting and Entertaining
I really enjoyed this historical fiction and the romance between Colton and Cassandra that's was so heated and erotic. It fairly sizzled . . . the history involved in the book is very accurate and so interesting . . . I highly recommend this wonderful tale and applaud both authors for their hard and ingenious work. I look forward to more in the future. ~ Linda Hays-Gibbs, Amazon

• • •

Exciting and Entertaining
It is a love-hate relationship with a fire so intense you can feel the heat of it coming off the page. I was very impressed by the weave of history in this most erotic love story. The first battle with the British was accurate and so interesting you felt the urgency. The characters were well-rounded and four-dimensional. You could feel the pull between the main characters and you feel for them in their problems. Their personalities were firmly set in your mind and you flowed with them through their troubles. ~ Carole, The Romance Reviews, Amazon

• • •

This is a wonderful story and well written. There is a logical flow of the plot to the climax, the pace is perfect, and is well edited. Having a romance story with a back drop of the American Revolution made the action light up. It centers on a relationship between a hard driving horse rancher and a young widow he's hired to manage his ranch . . . The passion between the young Cassandra and the rancher, Colton, heated up the pages. I enjoyed the love scenes and the well written dialogue. The frustration and confusion between Colton and Cassandra was obvious and tantilizing . . . I enjoyed the read because of the superb writing style of both authors. There was a sense of their passion for the story as well as their knowledge of the time period. The story was interesting from page one to the end. If you love romance with steamy embraces, mixed in with an interesting setting and time period, you'll enjoy No Gentleman is He. ~ Feather Stone, Amazon



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